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Pilot Remembered as ‘Superhero’ in Community

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TOWANDA -- A community in Bradford County is mourning the loss of a father, Air Force veteran, and pilot after a plane crash.

The small, two-passenger plane crashed in a wooded area just outside of Towanda Wednesday afternoon.

Friends tell Newswatch 16 the pilot was Scott Wilcox of Sugar Run.

A father, a martial arts instructor, a decorated veteran. Simply put, Wilcox had done some super things in his life, and that's how his friends say they'll remember him. Many people say he was larger than life.

"I think that most people are going to think about Scott and see that he kind of was a superhero."

"If you knew Scott, you knew he enjoyed life, every minute of it."

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating after a plane crashed on a hillside a few miles from the Towanda airport.

Friends say Wilcox was flying the plane. He was killed.

John Kulick was friends with Wilcox for nearly 30 years. Kulick couldn't help but smile when thinking about Wilcox. He recalls Wilcox as a business owner and a health and fitness enthusiast.

"He tried to talk me into joining the gym. He'd tell me, 'You're gonna get fat,'" Kulick said.

Friends said Wilcox helped train thousands of children and adults over the years. Most recently, he was at The Edge, a martial arts studio in Towanda.

Word of the plane crash came as a shock to Randi Morse and her children who were trained by Wilcox.

"Two of his senseis were here to open the doors as normal. The show didn't slow down, and Scott wouldn't have wanted it to," said Morse. "I think the community is going to miss him an awful, awful lot just because of his bigger than life presence, always pitching in, never too busy to say hello."

An autopsy is scheduled for Friday.

Investigators say it could take more than a year until they know what exactly caused the crash in Bradford County.


  • pot smoker

    Was there a point to this flight or just another thrill seekers death ? I see too many fitness buffs die of stupid- that and I would not trust an engine with my life ( ex mechanic)

    • Stay stupid my friend

      Is there a point to your comment? Go back down to the basement and smoke yourself into oblivion. If you were the one turning the wrench I wouldn’t trust an engine either.

  • RicU.

    Sorry but models and computer graphics usually miss something. G.I.G.O. Rules. Yes there are too few investigators and too many General Aviation, G.A., pilots craving the opportunity to make a mistake.

    That said, I am still waiting for the reports as I see a pattern, especially this summer. The latest rash of G.A.crashes just might be related to the weather we have had this season. Heavy rain and large temperature changes are usually accompanied by turbulence, something smaller G.A. planes often don’t have enough power to handle according to several single and multi-engine pilots I have explained to me.

    • Stay at a holiday inn express lately?

      ‘Latest rash’ – You call two a rash? ‘Craving the opportunity to make a mistake’ – are you for real? Who helped you compose that comment, one of Hillary’s campaign people? It’s loaded with so much BS I can’t even tell if you’re trying to be serious or not. Is English not your first language? ‘You see a pattern’ – I see a blooming idiot.

  • Glorious

    It always amazes me that investigations like this take a year to complete. Are there that many crashes and too few investigators? Do they need to conduct experiments to try to recreate the crash with models, to they piece the plane back together, what takes a year?

  • hobby lobby

    Superhero? Really? I call it a bad choice of hobbies. I catch butterflies for a hobby. If a bear kills me while I’m collecting butterflies will the local media call me a superhero? Probably not huh? Well, with that being said, off I go to catch more butterflies.

    • Chica's Mom

      His flying a plane had nothing to do with him being a superhero so thanks for your ignorant comment! He was a superhero for all he has done for our local youth throughout the years and his years of service to our country. He has touched the lives in a positive way on most of our youth and a lot of their parents. He was a Mentor to many, many kids in so many ways. Go catch butterflies…you’re not qualified for much else obviously.

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