Many Pet Owners Happy About New Animal Cruelty Laws Amid Hot Weather

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NORTH MANHEIM TOWNSHIP -- Workers at the Hillside SPCA in Schuylkill County can breathe a sigh of relief on a hot day like this now that Pennsylvania has Libre's Law.

"Seeing dogs chained outside year-round, 24/7 is horrible," Hillside SPCA Assistant Manager Tricia Moyer-Mentzer said. "I don't know how anybody could have a dog chained outside because that's horrific."

Libre's Law increases penalties for owners who commit animal abuse up to a felony, with stiffer penalties. There is a specific part of the law that says animals can only be tethered outside when it is nice out for nine hours. When it is below 32 degrees or above 90, animals can only be tethered up for 30 minutes.

Workers at Hillside SPCA said the new law would make it easier for them to take people to court for abusing their animals.

"The animals we've tried to help in the past, basically people have gotten a slap on the wrist for abusing animals and it's not really worth our time and effort taking people to court because basically, they would just get a $300 fine," Moyer-Mentzer said.

Libre's Law also has provisions that would protect horses and give immunity to animal services officials who report animal abuse in good faith.


  • CeeMe

    While we’re at it, extend this protection to those jerks who walk their pets in hot weather, with their tongues hanging out and no water in sight. See it all the time. This needs to change.

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  • Roosevelt

    “The animals we’ve tried to help in the past, basically people have gotten a slap on the wrist for abusing animals and it’s not really worth our time and effort taking people to court because basically, they would just get a $300 fine,” Moyer-Mentzer said. “. There you have it. It would have been worth it to go after people for even a $300 fine. This is the attitude of many humane officers which is WRONG.

  • Omni Consumer Products

    Just because you have good intentions does not mean you have common sense.

    Laws like this keep huskies from enjoying cold weather.

    • CeeMe

      Just how does it affect Huskies? They can go outside, just not be tethered for hours and days on end. Of course, that means the owners have to actually do some work to have a pet. Oh, that’s the problem.

  • Bill

    I had dogs live outside for years in matter of fact my outside dog live the longest . Dogs are animals they will survive it’s not like they are locked in a hot car

    • K.weinberg

      Well, Ok, Bill! So your dog manage to “survive” a life of misery….blistering hot days and brutally cold days…on end! Congratulations, you knuckle-dragged, you! Would you be willing to trade places with your dog, for let’s say 10-15 years, tethered to a post, with no real meaningful interaction? What do you think, ol’ Bill? Shall we try it? Bet you wouldn’t last more than 24 hours under such dire conditions! INow try that for ten years, or so! Wow! What a life, huh? Exactly what you were destined for, right? Remember, you have no say in the matter. Only your master does, and he CONTROLS your life, Bill. Every day, 24/7. Think about THAT, Bill!

      • CeeMe

        Yes, and don’t forget the excuses about how animals have fur, so that protects them from the cold. I’d like to see their owners spend the night outside in the cold with just a coat. Dumb.

  • Donamick

    it’s about time and I hope it’s not a law like no talking on the phone while you’re driving in the state of Pennsylvania Law.

  • PETA: Pete Eats Tasty Animals

    A horse is a horse, of course, of course. And horses have roamed the plains and high desert mountain States for centuries. The central part of the county has high-90s humidity and triple-digit temps, and yet not only do feral horses survive just fine, they breed so much that the BLM has to step in to thin herds. Other than humidity, the same is true for high-desert States. So, if thousands of horses live like this daily, why should I have to put air conditioning in my horse corral? You people yakkity yak a streak and waste your time of day; but no horse will never speak unless it has something to say. Go right to the source and ask the horse; He’ll give you the answer that I endorse.

    • K.weinberg

      Of, course, with one “small” caveat that they were FREE to roam at their discretion. No one JT them in stalls. THEY had control of their destiny…not an insensitive owner, who has made them dependent on their very existence. If you capture an animal, then you must be responsible for their well-being, in all aspects. You have taken their freedom to act upon instinct. You bear a heavy responsibility now.

  • Jack Irvin

    What about human rights when your neighbor has a dozen dogs that constantly bark with overwhelming stench of canine fecal matter, I find animal rights people to be very inconsiderate of fellow humans, seeming to put animal lives ahead of people

    • CeeMe

      Life is life and stop lumping all animal lovers into a negative category. If your neighbors dogs are a problem, why not have a talk with them or check out your local ordinances.

  • Foggerty

    I love how everyone is so concerned about dogs, but yet they turn a blind eye to all of the other animals, like the millions of animals slaughtered every year in factory farms…

  • think positive

    Good. Though I still think 9 hours is too long, as I don’t believe in chaining up animals. Why bother having them if you have to keep them all chained up? But, it is progress. And great about the 30 minute law in extreme weather.
    As an appreciator of all kinds of animals, I feel much respect and thankfulness for the people who advocate for them.

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