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Huey Helicopter in the Poconos

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP -- A Vietnam-era Huey Gun Ship helicopter arrived at the Pocono Mountain Municipal Airport in Coolbaugh Township earlier this week.

The historic helicopter has some war wounds, but the plan is to fully restore it in the Poconos.

Vietnam veteran Larry Edinger flew in one just like it.

"Normally in Vietnam, a door gunner would sit right here and he had an M60 mounted out here on both sides and then the troops would sit on the seats," said Larry Edinger, Stroudsburg.

Airport officials say this helicopter flew in combat missions more than 50 years ago.

Manager Jim Decker says there aren't many of these helicopters left.

This one was found by a local Vietnam war veteran named Bill Mullen.

The process to get it to Monroe County took two years, a lot of paper work, and government approval.

"It's the intension of the committee that brought it here to take it back to what she was and get some replica guns, the right seats in it, get some missile pods on it that she had, and proudly display it for everyone to see," said Jim Decker, airport manager.

The chopper won't stay here for long. Once it's restored, it will be moved to the other side of the airport where it will be on display. This way people can come and see it, they can touch it and learn more about its history.

"Everyone is excited about it. I think it's more important to be able to connect with something physical like this and have the opportunity to talk to some of the veterans about what this meant to them, how it served our country and the importance of having it here," said Decker.

And veterans agree it's an important piece of history to have on hand.

"This is what we used and this actually changed the way we fought wars with helicopters. Everything moved on a helicopter," said Edinger.

The plan is to have it resorted by the fall.

It will also be used for parades, fairs, and other veterans events in the Poconos.