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Hazleton Shopping Center Facing Citations

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HAZLETON -- Many people in Hazleton are unhappy about a shopping center in the city. They say it is an eyesore that needs to be fixed.

The Hazleton Code Enforcement Office has already issued nearly a dozen citations to that shopping center on Broad Street.

The owner was given some time to fix up to property but now will have to go to court to face these citations.

In January of 2016, the property manager told Newswatch 16 he was having a problem with vandalism to the property.

Now, shoppers say the shopping center is still in disrepair.

"I've seen this place go down big time. There's a lot of trash. The parking lot itself has a lot of potholes," said one shopper.

Overgrown weeds all across the property are just one of 10 citations filed against the property owner.

Customers have also complained about columns in front of the shopping center.

"The concrete is coming off the poles, and you'll see chips in the siding and all that," said Sharon Morrison of Hazleton.

Large amounts of trash can be found all over the property, including along the backside of it.

"I come often and I always see the same thing, the same trash, the same people doing the same violations. Always the same and nobody does anything," said Alberto Nunez of Hazleton.

Hazleton's code enforcement supervisor tells Newswatch 16 he told the property owner, M.J. Realty and Associates out of New Jersey, to have the property cleaned up by June 20.

The supervisor says the damage was not cleaned up and so now there are 10 citations pending against the owner and he will have to go to court to address them.

The owner could be fined $500 per violation.

Shoppers say they hope a resolution comes soon.

They want to see the shopping center in better shape.

A court date has not been set yet.

Newswatch 16 tried to reach out to the property owner and the property manager for comment today. No one returned our calls.


  • Concern customer

    It was a nice shopping center in the past until the current owner removed the garbage cans from there the city of Hazleton should shutdown this shopping center until the owner cleans or fixes it up to code that’s my opinion

  • Lorena Mercado

    THE OWNER IS THE PROBLEM. ED IS THE PROBLEM! HE KNOWS ALL THE HOMELESS AND VAGRANTS AND PANHANDLERS WHO ARE DESTROYING THE PROPERTY. HE PAYS THE HOBOS TO DO ODD JOBS. Yesterday a homeless man (who was seen with Ed assaulting another homeless man earlier in the week) was waking around with a leaf blower blowing dirt and trash into people’s cars and faces, while a woman who panhandles outside the pizza place 12 hours a day stood by laughing! Right before wnep showed up, Ed came around and made sure all the hobos disappeared for a couple hours, and every little scrap of trash was picked up for the day. He let that property go to hell, he’s the reason it’s not only filthy and falling apart, but it’s INFECTED with undesirables. He’s the one dumping in the back, from his “construction business”! We’ve caught him several times! And he scares the hell out of the people who work in the businesses there, walking around like he’s mobbed up. He once threatened me because I wouldn’t let him in my business to shop after closing when he was with his bums. And his winos or junkies or whatever they are got right in my face making sure to welcome me to their turf. GIVE HIM ALL THE COVERAGE HE CAN STAND TIL HE CAN’T STANDS NO MORE!

  • Huggy

    Frackville would this place acceptable. Heck, SEDCO would brag about this as one their successes if they were able to bring the strip mall to Schuylkill county

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    This is a perfect example of the gross stupidity of our governing bodies.

    This city is a war zone, drug zone, etc. and they are worried about citing building code violations. Morons. The lot of ya.

  • Katie

    The property owner in Jersey should have to pay fines to the city for every month it has been polluted and looking like a slum since 2016. That’s the problem, the property owner is living in Jersey or where ever, doesn’t make an appearance for God only knows how long, doesn’t hold anyone accountable for the site and will probably fight the citations and the city will it slide. It will then fall on all the employees and managers of these stores to clean up the mess HOPEFULLY. This is exactly what is wrong in the ENTIRE world. I grew up in the Hazleton surrounding area and I think that times have really changed, people change, society has changed and we need to embrace it. So instead of the community looking at everything as a sham/slum they should want to change with the times or move on to what suits them and their families. Look around, so what if there are Badegoes popping up and different Ethnic Restaurants – people should be embracing this and not in fear that this is what’s happening! The only thing that needs to go away in this area are the drug dealers and users; walking around like they’re the #WalkingDead. People get what they give, nowadays no one values or appreciates what they have or have to offer. #tolivelikeitwas1986.

  • Longgreysocks

    Get a grip
    At least hazleton got a shopping mall. We don’t gotnothing in frackville. Mall is closing after 35 years. Now I got to beat feet to st Clair. Wal-Mart or even shendo dollar store for socks.

  • El Ma

    Citations? A fine of $500 per violation? Oh, that’ll just teach the property owner a lesson, won’t it?

    Situations like this are silly because nothing comes of it. There’s a shopping center in Wysox that has potholes that will swallow up a Mini Cooper. Half of the complex is empty with another major store likely to go out of business within the next year. Who cares? Absolutely nobody. Shoppers, when they visit that blighted place, simply drive around the potholes to see if the store that they wanted to visit is still there.

    Citations. LOL!!!!


    Beautiful area Hazleton is turning into.! It is clearly following in the footsteps of its southern neighbors the “skook” Drunk, frightful and disorderly.

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