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UPDATE: Service to 911 Center in Susquehanna County Restored After Storm

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UPDATE: Service to the Susquehanna County’s 911 center was restored Thursday night.

MONTROSE — The heavy rain forced the evacuation of a county building in Montrose Thursday afternoon.

That building houses Susquehanna County’s Parole Office on the first floor and the County’s 911 center in the basement.

County Officials told Newswatch 16 about three to four inches of rain water flooded the offices. Our crews found county employees setting up a temporary 9-1-1 center in the parking lot next to the courthouse, with the goal of moving into the courthouse for the next few days.

“Currently we are assessing everything. We are setting our 911 center up temporarily across at the courthouse,” said Alan Hall, the Susquehanna County Commissioner. “They’ll be up and running without any problems and we’ll still maintain the services to the public.”

Commissioner Hall tells Newswatch 16 that furniture, carpeting, and ceiling tile will most likely have to be replaced after being damaged by the water.


  • James

    I think it is funny that a “Severe Thunderstorm” took them out. This is an example of Piss Poor Planning… A communications 911 center in the basement? They go better look at their disaster recover plan and reevaluate where they screwed up and fix it…

  • Susquehanna Danger

    They just spent over 5 million dollars to remodel the courthouse. The county is required by law to have an alternate 911 center in case something like this happens. They had several proposals to build or establish an alternate site many years ago, but chose not to act. Maybe WNEP could ask the commissioners some pointed questions about them getting snazzy new offices while the people of the county are put in danger. The “temporary 911 center” in the parking lot can’t accept 911 calls the way they should.

  • embarrassed to be a Pennsylvanian

    Oh, real nice. Our community communications center gets knocked out by a thunderstorm? Are you kidding me??? What will happen during a nuke attack? This state just has me absolutely baffled! I hope the wind doesn’t blow tomorrow. Paint some more cars grey you box of keystones!

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