Shots Fired into Wilkes-Barre Home, Narrowly Misses Man Inside

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WILKES-BARRE -- Police said a couple is lucky to be alive after shots were fired outside their home in Wilkes-Barre Tuesday night, just missing the husband inside.

Officers are still searching for a suspect in connection with this crime after what has been a busy week in the city.

"It's shocking," resident Lorraine Ronchi said. "For no reason! What is the cause of it?"

Police would not say which home on South Welles Street was shot at, but they did say the 63-year-old man was sitting on his bed when a bullet lodged into his wall just 20 inches away from him. His wife, who is 67, was also at home.

"You never know what's liable to happen. It's just up in the air. It's just really scary around here sometimes," resident Charles Dippre said.

Neighbors said the area has only gotten more and more dangerous as the years have gone by.

"Just stay out of everybody's way. Believe it or not, I don't even go out at night in Wilkes-Barre because it's getting really too bad," Dippre said.

Tuesday's gunfire is just the latest in a string of other gun related crimes this week, with shots also being fired on East Northampton Street, South Grant Street, and Dana Street over the last couple of days.

"It's just nerve wracking. Makes me feel like I want to move," Ronchi said.

Police said no one was injured in any of these incidents, but neighbors aren't taking any chances.

"We do lock our doors it's just, I can't get over it. It's just frustrating," Ronchi said.

Police have not said whether these incidents are connected.


  • Archie Beal

    Sure will… when I refer to military I refer to military personnel in battle not someone on an American base working in a hospital…as far as the woman being shot by the cop…preliminary investigations are revealing she ran out and approached these cops in a dark alley…this day and time I’d be thinking possible ambush…oh it’s not like that hasn’t happened…this cop could have anticipated a potential threat and he dealt with it…bottom line is cops don’t just shoot people just to shoot people unless they have a reason….let the investigation continue me arm chair quarterback…and no firearms do not belong in society any longer they need to be confiscated and destroyed period

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      Man, you’ve been guzzling that look-aid for sure.

      Have you ever seen the excitement on a young man’s face when he bags his first deer in rifle season?

      You sir, nor your goons, will ever take that away from us.

      That’s just one example. Want more?

    • Are you kidding!?!

      Archie….That boat has sailed a long time ago. Maybe you should put your energy into something useful. Perhaps you should report illegal aliens(not the ET kind). Did you ever serve in the military, Archie?

    • john williams

      FYI Archie- there are many home workshops where accurate projectile throwing devices are constructed. Heroin is illegal. Cociane is illegal. Prostitution is illegal. Counterfeiting is illegal. Yet they all flourish because there is a market for them. There is a mathmatical problem in calculus that shows the cost of removing ANYTHING from the public streets anywhere in the world rises to infinity the closer you get to 100% removal. Math proves its impossible.
      Can your gnat sized brain comprehend that Archie?????

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        That’s right John and the government knows it.

        So they attempt brainwashing to influence the masses (Archie) & criminalizing of responsible owners.

      • Just a girl

        Wait….it’s also illegal to give anyone….a ride for money or any other compensation. Now it’s illegal in NY to feed your neighbors cat wo a license. Fine. 1000

    • john williams

      Archie -how about Bows/crossbows/arrows, knives, swords, basball bats, ice picks, clubs, hatchets/ tomohawks, pipe wrenches, hammers, spears and old fasioned mauls? are we banishing those too? because according to your lib buddy stephen king, a determined killer doesnt mind getting up close and personal.

  • Archie beal is a communist

    Archie, care to comment? Before you say that only the police and military should have guns, please explain to us and justify your logic: 1. The guy at Fort Hood, he was military and shot all those soldiers. 2. The Somali cop in Minnesota that shot the Austrailian woman. Can’t wait to hear your answers.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Hahaha. I’m actually starting to enjoy watching this city fall into the ground.


    It’s like fn Somalia!

    • troutlover

      Its certainly looking like the African continent all across the Wyoming Valley! Pretty soon there will be encampments out on the athletic fields will the masses living in tents until a Low Income place opens up! More violence on the way!!

  • Are you for real?

    Wilkesbarre again? The minority there seems to be law abiding citizems. The rest are thugs,low life druggies, psychopaths and general scum. Trump while you are at it. Build a wall around wilkesbarre.

  • so_sad

    Well, um, one should ALWAYS lock their doors..just because “years ago we didn’t lock our doors,” well that’s great until something happens. But wilkes-barre? Time to drain the swamp, round up the guns, and lock up the thugs.

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