Pennsylvania State Police Vehicles Going Gray

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DUNMORE -- Here in Pennsylvania, from Pittsburgh to Philly and everywhere in between, we're used to seeing state police in white vehicles, responding to emergencies or just a routine day on the road.

Now, those vehicles are turning a darker shade one by one as the state updates the fleet.

"This is one of the things they looked at and wanted to change. They wanted the public to make an association with the gray car to match the gray trooper uniform," said Tpr. Mark Keyes, Pennsylvania State Police.

At the state police barracks in Dunmore, Trooper Mark Keyes showed off the new look of a state police SUV. It's gray all over and on the side, in all caps, the word "Trooper."

"It's reflective at night. They wanted the trooper vehicles to be readily identifiable."

Troopers explained there are some for whom it will take some getting used to the new gray sedans and SUVs.

"We've had a few people remark about being pulled over and not sure who was pulling them over because they're not used to seeing the gray cars."

For decades, white has been the color of state police cruisers throughout the Commonwealth. Now as each of the old vehicles get phased out, new gray ones will be replacing them all across the state.

"When they see it's a trooper vehicle, they're shocked. We get a lot of compliments," said Cpl. Manny Hicks.

Troopers gave Newswatch 16 a ride in a new gray Ford Interceptor.

"It's nice. I like that it says 'Trooper' on the side," said Destinney Matthews of Scranton.

"I think it's a stunning color. It blends with highway patrol and the support our officers give us," said Steve Szydlowski of Moosic.

State police vehicles were gray more than 50 years ago. The change back to gray should take three years as each white vehicle that goes out of service is replaced by a gray one.


  • ayceshendoshrimp

    Nice color but the huge “TROOPER” down the side makes the car look foolish, matchbox or hot wheelish maybe. Anyway, they should parade several of these new cars around Mahanoy City each night from about 7pm to 7am so the public can enjoy them.

  • Joe

    This is being done to make it easier for them to cite safe drivers. Need to fill the coffers somehow! The unmarked cars were not enough, they needed to make the normal ones harder to see.

  • Archie Beal

    Gray or white it doesn’t matter…at some point I will be in the back seat handcuffed…just a matter of time

  • Wow you people...

    Awful lot of Blue haters here. Wonder who you call when you have something bad happen. Hypocrites.
    They aren’t just spending new money to replace vehicles out of nowhere. They are phasing out old cars on schedule and changing the color on the new order. Grey or White, the old cars still go and the new ones come.
    I think the cars look nice.
    I’m just guessing you’re angry because you broke the law and got caught. You only want to be able to spot them so you can slam on your brakes as you pass, to just speed up later. Downvote away and prove my point.

  • Mel

    I wonder how many of these new vehicles are paid for by the ‘gas tax’ that was supposed to be utilized for road and bridge repairs. SMH

  • Just Sayin

    What is the normal lifespan of a gas guzzling v8 that sits idling with the A/C on most of the day watching for speeders rather than cracking down on drug dealers and gang activity?

    • Sam I Am

      So you think that these cars should have a 4 banger, while you and many others drive a 6 or 8 banger.
      And I guess that they should carry a 22 cal hand gun.

  • LT

    Are you people complaining about wasteful spending for real? Do you really think grey paint costs significantly more than white paint? Or were you under the impression that they never replaced the cars?

  • Harvey

    More Wasteful Spending. In high tax pa. Breeding ground for pedos and most of the state is a sewer. I bet the Carolinas and Florida love the big Pa pension money that moves there. Just being honest. Its sickening.

    • ozzycoop

      Changing the color of a car that is being bought regardless isn’t a waste. The rest of your statement is idiotic and irrelevant. Just being honest.

      • HARVEY

        Idiotic? I am sure you are MBA but probably working at a local soon to be closed Kmart or as a distribution center temp. Northeast and Central Pennsylvania is obviously a dumping ground for the Philly, Northern Jersey and New York City areas. Those urban areas use NEPA to dump toxic waste and garbage in the ground, reap benefits of produced PA windmil power, and the Urban drug dealers like the cheap row homes.

  • john williams

    Useless factoid- the PA State Trooper uniform color and apperance was modeled after German military uniforms of the early 1900’s because they looked intimidating.

    • ozzycoop

      You do understand that they aren’t just throwing the old cars away all at once and buying new cars all at once right? Old cruisers get replaced. They just ask for a different color. I don’t see how that is flushing money. You apparently don’t know how these things work.

  • Bob Fisher

    it’s reflective at night? i’m sorry,but grey will blend in and hide the car making it less visible than the white. the whole purpose for this is to camouflage the car so people have a harder time seeing the cop car. now the whole car is seen as it is white. when the grey comes you’ll only see trooper at night and during the day a lot less reflection as sunlight won’t reflect off the trooper decals like headlights will.

  • Bob

    The state police got bored, and came up with this idea. because all they do is sit around all day doing nothing while the crime rate in the entire state sky rockets

  • RicU.

    Having worked fleet sales, any purchase of more than 25 vehicles of one color, such as gray is considered standard. Further, gray hides dirt and therefore will save on washing. Gray with multiple, large and reflective signage is not stealthy. HOWEVER, WHITE is an authority color which is why the U.S. NAVY uses it.

    Maybe the “new” color will help change the image of the PA Troopers who have been under a cloud recently with a long term cheating scandal at their academy and worse.

    For the record, Rhode Island uses gray Fords includes their remaining Crown Victoria vehicles.

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