Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting Child in Scranton

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SCRANTON — A Scranton man is now facing charges of sex assault after he allegedly assaulted a young girl while babysitting her.

According to authorities, John Cathrall, 67, allegedly assaulted the child in the bathtub and on a living room sofa.

Cathrall has been charged with aggravated indecent assault and corruption of minors in Lackawanna County.


  • Lance

    They just let o.j. Simpson go free. This guy probably feels he will be out soon. If they let a murderer robber and kidmapper loose. What does he have to lose?

  • Are you for real?

    Bring us your sick ,deranged , depraved pedophile selves to Pennsylvania. Where they will be one of hundreds in our communities.

  • Just revolting!

    Why do people think its OK to do sick, disgusting things to small children is beyond me. I personally don’t trust people to babysit my children. My parents are the only ones that are allowed to babysit. And to let someone else bathe you child too? That’s just asking for issues. That poor little girl. Prayers going out to her and for the parents, they need to be more Choosey as to who takes care of their kids. Lots of sickos out there!!

  • Cragger

    This area is shambles. From Scranton to Pottsville and back to Frackville, it is in rapid decline. Pedophilia and drugs have taken over. People here are just sad sad loafs. It’s so depressing. High School sports are the only thing keeping us going. Perhaps there is a correlation between adults being fanatics about young boy-girl ball games and all of the child sex crimes in this area??? Think about it…

    • El Ma

      Cragger, it’s incredible how many of these predators run around, apparently undetected, until it’s too late.
      With the steamrolling of technology and humanity in its infancy in learning how to govern themselves, and “free expression,” imagery and the ways/means to enhance predatory behavior are available in a way that has never been present, before. There are websites dedicated to the pursuit of child molestation where these THINGS swap images, tactics, and stories. It’s beyond horrible. It’s a “sign of the times” as humanity spirals into debauchery and social decline.


    NE and Central PA is becoming the sex offender capital of the world. How many of these nuts are not caught or even turned in. It took 25 years for Sandusky to even be investigated. I think the problem is worse here than people even think!

  • Huggy

    When that Frackville Mall is converted into the sex roamer pedo jail and odd sex offender investigation center it is going to be a really busy place!

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Why would you leave your kid with someone who looks like that??

    Lock up the parents too!

  • White trash

    C’mon folks where’s this unstoppable crime wave by people of color (aka “New Yorkers”) and illegal aliens you keep talking about?? Don’t worry– eventually a story with a brown face will show up and you can vent your racist bile.

    • pot smoker

      (racism) in your mind or the earned hatred for all the black, illegals and inbreds that think crime ,drugs and lack of any moral intelligence is their right ? Your stupid comment ranks you right in there, congrats and BLM to you . Education is the only way , learn something or stay ignorent and racist .

    • Muff

      How bout that Dennis Barker in Mount Carmel? A bold drak colored pedo roamer following children into their homes.

  • Commonsense

    No offense, but who the hell lets this guy near their kids, i dont even ha e kids but if i knew he was watching one of my relatives they would be abruptly woken up.

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