Boy Dies in Apparent Drowning in Luzerne County, Family Says

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP — Police were called to a home in Luzerne County for reports of a possible drowning.

Investigators said a 3-year-old boy was swimming in an above ground pool at a home on Perkins Street in Plains Township.

The child was found unconscious in the pool by police just after 1 p.m. Wednesday, and he was rushed to the hospital.

The victim’s aunt told Newswatch 16 the boy has died.

The Luzerne County coroner confirmed the office is investigating the death.

No other information has been released at this time.

Police, the coroner’s office, and the district attorney’s office are all involved in the investigation.


  • Jane Doe

    First we dont know if the kid even belongs to these people and there is a 50/50 chance it could have been negligence or simple freak accident. Bottom line is the police will take care of it and unfortunately that baby lost its life which is horrible. May he s.i.p

  • seen it all

    Sad , lets wait people , two other kids coulda bypassed protections in place, If there weren’t any then they have only themselves to blame for being so stupid with their own childrens lives . They have to live with this , lets hope the cops stay out of it .

  • Beth Appleman

    I know you can’t follow them 24/7 but at least put up some time of fence with lock so things like this can’t happen. I thought it was the law to have your pool fenced in

    • Shay

      It must not be we have a neighbor with an above ground pool with no fence in fact at times they leave their ladder down as well!

    • Tragic

      An above ground pool is suppose to have a fence that’s 4 feet tall all the way around the pool and must have a ladder that locks. I just looked it up online.

      • Shay

        Good to know I’m going to double check the rules in our township and if that’s the same as you stated I’m going to
        Talk to my neighbor about it. We have kids in our neighborhood that have questionable parenting and not only that kids will be kids! Thanks

  • Tragic

    Who are we to pass judgement? This family endured a tragedy. Kids have a way of sneaking out. My son does it all the time. You can’t know where they are or what they are doing every second of everyday. Unless you follow them around continually which makes no sense. All you have to do is turn your back for 2 seconds and they are gone. This was nothing more than a freak accident in my book and it could happen to anyone. Prayers to the family and everyone involved. That sweet boy is in heaven with Jesus! AMEN!¡!!

  • Heartbroken for the family

    I cannot believe all of the judgemental comments! Anyone who has a toddler knows how quickly they can slip away. I put chain locks on the top of my door to stop my son from getting out and in the time it took me to go to help his sister in the bathroom he pushed a chair to the door, unlocked it and snuck out! We found him riding his tricycle in our backyard. Accidents happen!

  • Pamela Testa

    A child that young should of been left alone, not even in kiddy pool. As when we were young. You can drown in a inch of water. Good Grief people be responsible. Actions or no action has a consequence accept it.

    • Jen

      Filling in the cracks with your own scenario! Do you know for a fact he was left alone in the pool! Let the whole story come out. There are othe scenarios that could have had the same outcome but everyone has to jump to shaming!

  • Alicia

    Well I can speak on behalf of those involved and I can say the woman involved is completely harmless towards any child, she would never allow a child to be harmed if she had any say in it u guys act like somebody had planned to drown this angel baby !!! No!!! A terrible tragedy occurred and again prayers r welcome!!! Prayer for his mother to have the strength to hold on for her other two sons!!! Pray that the individuals who feel responsible don’t take their own lives from the grief of this, you ppl are disgusting this tragedy has affected many in more ways than one!!! Pray DONT prey !!!

      • Alicia

        Most ppl don’t learn a lesson bc of a loss of a loved one let alone a baby,most ppl, like yourself have learned by hearing the door close or the screen door squeak or a neighbor catches them fiddling w the gate, many of u learned lessons the easiest ways u could’ve , these ppl have learned the hardest ways so your judgement is t really needed n if ppl kill themselves over the extra guilt they feel for your ignorance will u feel responsible these ppl already feel this reality your comments are blatant bullying and ignorance n if u have no children or grandchildren don’t speak on them but if u do then you’ve learned to keep glass up high bc of a broken glass or two you’ve learned don’t leave your make up in arms reach bc of a smeared little face full of make up all harmless but many parents learn to child proof after a tragedy this doesn’t make them murderers

  • Alicia

    He wasn’t in the pool when law enforcement arrived the grandfather had performed cpr many times with some water coming up out of his mouth by the time they all arrived, also,I’m not an aunt,and when asking for privacy to mourn our loved one it wasn’t to be used as information for u leeches who live for any gossip or judgemental ways a mother is grieving a loss a family is grieving a loss have some sort of hearts ppl smmfh

      • Jen

        Wow you cant read! The grandfather pulled him out so this person says anyways. You’re filling in the cracks with your bs scenarios!! Wait for the real story to come out,

    • Get a Life

      You can’t change ignorance Alicia. Some people just thrive on other peoples sorrows because their lives are so miserable!! I’m sure these people making these disgusting comments don’t have a whole lot of family or friends that give 2 craps about them!!

  • Archie Beal

    Again you people jump to conclusions and are so quick to judge….let the investigation continue and unfold…what idiots

  • AngryMom

    R.I.P Sweet baby boy. He should have been being watched whoever allowed a 3yr old to swim by himself should be drowned

    • Crazy

      I didnt see anywhere in the article that it stated he was “allowed” to swim
      by himself. It’s easy to sit there and pass judgement. I’m going to wait for the rest of the story to come out before I make any judgements!! We all should!!!

      • Alicia

        And sadly that is impossible for ANY PARENT TO DO just send prayers if u all want to do something

      • Jen

        You cannot watch anyone “every second”!! 100% impossible. Please prove me wrong, I really want to see this perfect parenting.

      • Ishy

        Im Not here to pass judgement as a Mother we all know how easy it is for our young to ” Play Houdini” My heart goes out too this family at this time of need and the loss of a life way to soon, RIP babyboy, So sad too read this Please parents Pay extra close attention to your little one as it only takes a split second, I can Not phantom what this family is going thru right now But my prayers and condolences go out too you all. RIP angel.

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