Teacher Charged with Indecent Assault

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JERSEY SHORE -- Six teenage girls in the Jersey Shore Area School District have come forward claiming a teacher touched them inappropriately.

That teacher is being charged with harassment and indecent assault.

Court paperwork shows that Samuel Rothrock, 36, of Muncy, a learning support teacher in Jersey Shore, is accused of touching several of his students.

Some of those alleged victims have learning disabilities.

Rothrock is accused of harassing six students and indecently assaulting a teacher's aide in the Jersey Shore Area School district.

Rothrock has been a life-skills teacher at the Jersey Shore High School for nearly a decade. Many of the students in his classes have mental disabilities.

According to court papers, in early May, students noticed Rothrock acting strangely. Several students claim Rothrock was inappropriately hugging them and touching their thighs. A teacher's aide claims Rothrock ran his hand under her dress and touched her underwear.

Court papers reveal that Rothrock told investigators he has recently been in treatment for alcohol issues and is struggling with depression and anxiety.

Just after the incidents, he checked himself into rehab.

Newswatch 16 spoke with a few of the families involved.

"My daughter has a disability. Her IQ is probably seven to eight year old and he knows because, of course, he has all the paperwork there, so he knows what he can do and how he can take advantage of these little kids, and that's the sad part," said one mother.

"It hurts," the parent said. "I will do what I have to do to protect my child."

"She didn't tell me immediately. She was scared, but once it did come out there and I did call police, other children came forward. It was going on with them too. They were scared to tell."

In a statement, the Jersey Shore Area School District said it could not comment on Samuel Rothrock's employment status, but two of the alleged victims tell us that Rothrock was not at the high school at the end of the school year.


  • Wow!

    Its completely sickening! We send our children to school to get and education and now you have to worry about teachers trying to get busy with your children. I think I might start to home school again. That way way I KNOW my babies will be safe from pervs like that!!

  • Hard Rain Overlord

    Oh dear. I knew it was the booze and depression that caused these actions. Seriously?

  • Mmmetch

    Dis guy wus workin in skools lookin for slam-slam from da kiddies. Hmmm he gonna get big trouble. Does he ride the firetrucks?

  • Mike

    Is it me or do we have a teacher problem in this country? Seems every day there are one of these stories somewhere.

    • Ted

      The teachers struggle with the guilt of having to have made payoffs to get their jobs. This manifests itself in different forms of anti social behavior.

    • Muff

      I’m fine with stopping school funding all together. The increase in cost of prison systems will be nothing compared to what is wasted on schools. If you wanna have kids, it’s your responsibility to see that they get educated. Its not my job to pay for it.

    • yep

      The problem is the pedos choose an occupation or group where children are. You know, like coaches, clowns, boy scout leaders, karate instructors, etc.

      • Muff

        Tons of people in Skookill county get their jollies from watching youngsters play ball in uniform. High School football 4 life

  • nuts

    That guy in Ashland pinned down a 14 year old boy in the shower, shaved him and washed him up. No wonder that other guy was into child porn. They’re probably buds and it’s not far fetched to think that all of the people in Schuylkill County need to be evaluated. All of them. Start with those weirdos they have coaching their youth sports.

  • Lance

    Here we go again. Can’t go a day without another sex fiend popping up in the news. Must be something in the water

  • Terry

    You’re right on the PA is full of morbidly obese princesses, brats etc. But don’t understand how you justify what he did

  • Marvin

    Most women in this area of legal age are overweight and sloppy so people have a tendency to molest children. No excuse though, but maybe the local chicks can take a break from pizza and donuts to do their part in stopping this madness

    • Horrible people

      You’re going to blame the woman in the area for this happening to children it’s not this fault that sick basterds live there and take advantage of poor children maybe your as sick as he is if you are going to blame people who aren’t at fault just for the way they look

      • tonyc

        I lived in a bunch of other cities in multiple states and Yea for sure PA has the most overrated, unattractive, needy, dramatic filled women there is. The so called hot ones from high school 15-20 years later, have multiple kids, post all day on Facebook and sell some stupid eyelash thickening scam on social media.

    • seen it all

      It’s not on the fat broads , I personally have no attraction to fat women and go without till better comes around , That doesn’t mean I wan’t to hunt children . Does sound more like a alcohol/ drug dammaged brain , I do hope dammages were minnimal and teachers aide is more a workplace sexual harassment , be glad the creep surfaced and teaching certificate will be gone . This is a better case result than most pedaphiles leave.


    Pennsylvania is a highly sexually repressed area, it’s no wonder that all of this sex going on all the time with kids and teachers. Also people are so uptight about anybody who is having sexy no matter who it is or what age they are. All I need is a winning ticket so I can get out of this Twilight Zone of an area, it’s such a strange place to live in so many ways.

  • Dave

    Innocent until proven guilty ?
    No, not in the case involving kids and school.
    No one can read the minds of what people are thinking, however the very first bad action shows who they are and should be removed. Jail ?…May be extreme at this point, but one thing for sure… Get him out, and nothing involving kids ever !

  • Archie Beal

    You people are so quick to condemn this man…he is innocent until proven guilty…that is his right…we need to hear all facts…how can we just take the word of mentally disabled people…dont just jump to conclusions…jeez

  • Are you kidding!?!

    Burn, baby, burn. You are a criminal and no amount of fake “rehab” is going to change that.

  • Huggy

    Here we go again. More odd sex incidents involving some goofy odd fellow. Sex roamers in Frackville, Ashland corner lurkers, and this place has a school life-aid molester. Time to quarantine the viewing area!

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