State Prison Term for Pike County Murder

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MILFORD -- A man was sentenced to state prison Tuesday for a murder in Pike County.

Jared Masker, 33, of Milford was sentenced to 17 to 45 years behind bars on third-degree murder charges.

Masker pleaded guilty to shooting Kristopher Hanscom, 23, from Bushkill, after the two got into an argument outside a bar near Dingmans Ferry in August of 2015.


  • McCracken

    Where is all the outrage over this guy murdering someone? A prison fight draws far more outrage. Ah, that’s right, this guy is white. It doesn’t fit NEPA’s favorite narrative. What about the article above this about a white guy being charged with possession of child porn?

    • Mozambi

      How about that Dennis Barker pedo-sex roaming and following a little girl and her family right into their house while played with himself? Dark sex roamer with soiled bvds.

    • White Trash

      Well said. The racists here are chomping at the bit just waiting for a crime by someone non-white (or even better an illegal alien). Waiting and drooling for their chance to inane comments. In their world white people don’t commit crimes — they just “stumble” from time to time.

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