Prison Sentence for Man Who Assaulted Baby

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SCRANTON -- A man from Scranton who admitted shaking and hitting his girlfriend's 4-month-old baby is headed to prison.

Chester Godfrey was sentenced Tuesday to five to 10 years behind bars.

He pleaded guilty earlier this year to aggravated assault.

The abuse took place while Godfrey was babysitting the 4 month old last year in Scranton.


  • Darlene Rand

    Hats off to the district attorneys office in Scranton. Unfortunately My sons abusers walked away . Yes not one minute of jail time. The county c&y removed the children from the home . and were put up for aadoption. I was blessed to adopt the child with shaken baby syndrome with a tramatic brain injury. He has a long road ahead .I have documented medical certainty it was child abuse. The baby was 16 months old at the time of injury. He is eleven now. I need justice for Ryan. Child abusers must be prosecuted.

  • White Trash

    Keep your fingers crossed racists. Eventually a non-white creep will show up. Then you can vent your bile.

    • here i am!

      Normally you wont see a minority abuse a child. Most of them despise being a father or father figure, therefore they never put themselves in a position to be around children. Or they’re in jail.

      • White Trash

        Clearly you have done extensive research in sociology and come to these conclusions based on a careful analysis of scientific data. Not…. When you are in church this sunday (pretending to be a christian), you might want to actually *listen* to the words of that Jewish carpenter you claim to worship.

    • Peggy Wehrmann

      Why are you making it a racist issue when nothing was even said about race. You are exactly what is wrong with society. He is a piece of trash no matter what color he is

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