Homeless Man Wanted for Stabbing

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BERWICK — A homeless man is wanted for a stabbing in Columbia County.

Berwick police say John Gurns stabbed a man in the back while they were drinking at the victim’s home on Cemetery Street on Tuesday.

The victim’s son heard the commotion and confronted Gurns. Gurns dropped the knife and ran away.

There is no word on the victim’s condition.

Berwick police consider Gurns to be armed and dangerous.

Anyone who sees Gurns should call 911.


  • 61er

    Looks like another branch that grew off of the Frackville tree. I haven’t eaten Chik Fil A in years and now the mall is closing. Lord help us!

  • Mike

    That’s one way to get a place to live, free food and medical care as well as an education if you so desire.

  • Muff

    They were probably arguing over how the fact that the KFC or Wendy’s never came to the Frackville Mall was the reason for it’s demise. I don’t know where that odd blond hair fellow is going to walk to now. Every time I was ever there I saw him roaming through the parking lot or along RT 61. Look like he talked to himself a lot.


    IF he wants to practice His knife fighting skills he should go down to Shenandoah, There is knife fights frequently on coal street, which is now a multilingual neighborhood.

  • Longgreysocks

    I am staying away from Berwick. That man looks dangerous, its no place to beat feet and model the jean short high socks look. Frackvilles been good too me.

    • Huggy

      Frackville is one of those towns where the adults just look the other way when it comes to the town pervs.

  • i_see_crazy_people

    Don’t stigmatize the homeless, don’t stigmatize the mentally ill, yaddah-yaddah but it’s ok when they stab you in your own home or shoot four young men in your commnity

    • they walk among us

      It would be interesting to find out when and why the institutions that used to keep these people from the public closed their doors. Laurelton Center, Danville State Hospital, all the ‘County Homes’. Now they walk among us, great idea…

      • i_see_crazy_people

        There needs a way to weed them out from among us.
        While it’s true that initial statistics will show for example; 1 in 10 schtizos are violent, as well as 1 in 10 joe blows are violent but then they wanna say EVERYONE incarcerated is “mentally ill.”
        The closed down the institutions because of the way the patents were mistreated and many of the patients shouldn’t have been patients at all. Institutions became dumping grounds for anyone who didn’t want their wife/mother/kid/elderly with dementia..etc…anymore However, you would think in the 21s Century this would be a non-issue anymore!
        The problems begin when the powers that be equate psychos such as these with run-of-the-mill “mental illnesses” such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, etc… then you get to the middle ground with bi-polar disorder, Tourette’s and Asperger’s, then at the top you have Sociopaths, Malignant Narcissists, and Psychopaths.
        Out of the thousands of homeless individuals in nyc, only 3 come to immediate mind that committed something heinous altho i am sure there are more than these.
        The one who stuck a sword thru a girl walking her dog
        The ones who like to push people in front of the subways trains
        And the one who liked to hit tourists over the head with bricks.

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