Geisinger ‘Gets Fresh’ with Mobile Market

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HEMLOCK TOWNSHIP -- When you work all day, Monday through Friday, stopping by the local farmers market isn't easy. That's why Geisinger Health System is bringing the market to its employees and patients.

Nate Burgos works in the scheduling department at the Geisinger Buckhorn Office Building near Bloomsburg. He and some of his coworkers took a short break from work for some sweet treats.

"I got some strawberries, some blueberries, and some plums," Burgos said.

Geisinger's new Get Fresh Mobile Market is at this office for the first time. It allows employees to get fresh fruit and vegetables for a good price.

"Sometimes we're busy and don't want to go to the grocery store right after work but definitely want fresh produce, so we just come up with a plan to get fresh produce to them," Jennifer Swenson said.

Some employees say they would like to shop at a farmers market, but their schedules are not ideal.

"Till like four o'clock and then I get off at four and then they're closed, so this makes it convenient and I can just walk outside," Amanda Mortimer said.

"A lot of us here are desk-bound, but we are trying to be healthier. We have a lot of people with health issues, a lot of diabetics, a lot of people who really want to start eating better," Burgos said.

The Get Fresh Market is offered at five Geisinger locations, including the Danville area campus.

The Get Fresh Market is not just for Geisinger employees, it's for patients, too.

"We also have a micro market that's at some of our eateries throughout our system that has one product and that changes. This week it's sweet corn," Swenson said.

The mobile market runs once a month from July through September. Organizers say the only complaint so far is people wish it was around more often.


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