Wayne County Couple Guilty of Child Sex Charges

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HONESDALE -- A couple facing child sex charges have been found guilty on all charges.

The trial forJamie and Michael Schwartz from Wayne County resumed Monday. They were accused of sexually abusing two children.

The trial was delayed nearly a month after a witness for the prosecution collapsed and was taken to the hospital.

That witness testified Monday about the sexual abuse of two boys at the Schwartz home near Beach Lake in 2013 and 2014.

A judge rendered that guilty verdict late Monday afternoon.


  • White trash

    Looks like the suit he was borrowing cost more than the place they were living in. Nice company they’re keeping too. Hope the kids get the help they need. As a Caucasian I condemn the actions of these freaks.

  • Latina_01

    Honestly everyone who thinks they know what they’re talking about needs to grow up because you honestly don’t know shit about anything and aren’t you all supposed to be mature enough to read more into the details like you weren’t in that court room knowing what was going on and what was being said😒🤷🏽‍♀️ So I really don’t think you should be on here commenting and saying shit that is completely irrelevant to the news article😂😂 What does México have to do with this news article?🤔 What does deporting and white folks have to do with this article?🤔 Sorry but y’all are irrelevant have a great day😇✌🏽

    • Engrish prease

      Using the word ‘irrelevant’ twice, spelling out ‘y’all’, and your overuse of emoticons tells us that you’re either 15 years old or just another minority on a government subsidized cell phone.

      • Latina_01

        You’re retarte de i pay for my own shit I pay for my own cell phone bill I’m not 15 I’m 17 if anything you’re the one on a government subsidized cellphone

      • Marci

        Latina, I was sitting on the side of Justice ;) Right by the boys and B.A.C.A and everyone else else supporting them. I would NEVER support disgusting scum who molest children. What does it matter to you who i am ?

    • Kidswithsmartphones

      You are not using the word, “irrelevent,” properly. Get off your stupid phone and pay better attention in your Engrish class, else you appear a moron.

      • Latina_01

        English* and I actually do pay attention in English class I’m on high honor roll so🤷🏽‍♀️ Don’t judge me before you know me👌🏽

    • Lance

      Your stupidity is outshown by your atrocious grammar. Obviously you are “south of the border” in brains and birthplace. I’m an American. My grandparents may have come from Cuba and Poland. But I was born here. I’m proud of that. Something you obviously are not.

      • Latina_01

        First off don’t judge me saying I’m “south of the border” when I was born in America too I’m proud to be an American just like you are so don’t judge

  • El Ma

    Good god. Isn’t that nice? They helped one another indulge in their special deviance. That’s how couples do some teamwork.

    Take them OUT of society. Drop them BOTH on the same treeless island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Leave them there with every other vile member of their disgusting club. Let them all entertain one another for the rest of their lives.

    Filthy animals.

      • El Ma

        Latina_01, I believe that your use of childish language, your horrific grammar, and your inability to actually present a valid point using facts has made YOU completely irrelevant. “Sh*t,” every other word really doesn’t make your feelings valid – it just diminishes your view down to nothing. Seriously.

        In this country, people can refer to whatever they please as long as they don’t shout out, “FIRE!!!!” in a crowded theater. The references to race, color, etc.,……..get over yourself.

        And……….you type, “Shut up.” Well, what DID go on in the courtroom? Were you there? Why aren’t you presenting facts and quotes instead of posturing like some ill-mannered fool?

        These people were found guilty. Their representing attorney(s) advised them to have a trial without a jury – this is a legal option. This was a legal maneuver that clearly reflected that the information that would have been brought before a jury would have surely brought back a verdict of, “Guilty.” So………..YOU connect the dots and then come back with some facts rather than rants.

      • El Ma

        Latina_01, are you one of those cat-fighting, selfie-taking, Kardashian-watching, FaceBook-addicted baby mamma? If not, then drop the attitude, little girl, and learn to articulate without profanities – if you CAN. If you represent they typical 12-year-old “honors” student, God help us all. Oh…….you typed that you were 17. Your atrocious online behavior confused me, of course. You have a LOT of growing up to do, and you, dear, have demonstrated your perfect ineptitude.

        You = Permanent Ignore

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