Movie Theater, Shopping Center Destroyed by Fire in the Poconos

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MIDDLE SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- A fire wiped out a movie theater and shopping center near East Stroudsburg.

Firefighters were called to the Poconos Movieplex around 7:30 Sunday night. A fast-moving fire destroyed the place.

Flames were seen shooting from the complex that housed theaters, plus a book store, antique store, and a fireworks store.

The place was open at the time. The building was evacuated, and no movie-goers were hurt.

Firefighters were confronted with a huge building with movie theaters and shopping space inside a mass of flames.

Wonderwoman and Spiderman couldn't save the building. The memories remain, for people like Diann Krause, who came to see the damage, while the building was still smoking.

"It's pretty devastating. This place, when we moved here 26 years ago was a beautiful place."

This used to be Foxmoor Cinemas. The name changed to Poconos Movieplex 7 after a sale.

The building was laid out with movie theaters and flea market space, and now it's all gone.

Jim McCully was a vendor there. He sold soap, t-shirts, and window decals.

"We'll get our stuff out of here. If the flea market opens again, maybe we'll move with it," he said.

McCully says this was a good place to do business, picking up extra money to go along with his retirement income.

McCully wasn't the only one here. Others stopped by to remember better times.

"It's a nice place to go other than a mall or something like that. It's a nice Saturday or Sunday outing," said Tony Herda of Marshalls Creek.

The fire chief said this fire had its share of challenges including fireworks inside a fireworks store going off as they battled the flames. No one was hurt.

The building is apparently a total loss, leaving a big hole in this part of Monroe County.

"Now, you don't have the theater because they had eight screens, you can watch anything on," said Kevin Hulett of East Stroudsburg.

This is not the first time firefighters have been here at the complex that used to be known as Foxmoor Village Mall.

“They had a fire here back in 1992,” added Hulett. “The concession stand at the theater burned up, so this isn't the first time they had a fire here.”

That fire was ruled an accident. A 2009 fire that destroyed a furniture store here was called a case of arson.

There is no cause listed yet for this latest fire that wiped out Pocono Square.


  • Pam

    we discovered this amazing shopping area years ago on vacation — so many cool little shops, the theater, a couple of great restaurants.

    fast forward many years — the place was all but abandoned.

    then last year we were back up this way and saw that the movie theater was valiantly trying to stay afloat but the rest of the space broke our hearts — all those cool little ships cut up into really disgusting flea market spaces. We recognized some of the shops from years ago and they had taken walls down to put spaces together. I just cannot understand how that town lost so much retail. So many visitors, and yet that space could not keep pace. If someone who lives up there could explain that, I would be very interested.

    And while you’re explaining THAT to me — we first visited the area almost 20 years ago as a young family and stayed and what was an amazing resort called Fernwood. A wonderful place with great restaurants, things to do, etc. Came back a couple of years and checked out after one night. truly disgusting.

    And that wonderful Thunder Creek — what happened to that? Can anyone tell me?

  • pot smoker

    fireworks store- after 4th , gee wonder how much ins costs were there , and how it started ? Bet the ins. carrier didn’t know . Ok cashing out now.

  • Diana & Peter

    ” *Wonderwoman and *Spider-Man couldn’t save the building…”

    Thanks for misspelling our names, Andypalumbo.

  • ringo starr

    That place has been an eyesore for years. We went to the movies there & saw a lot of dirty deeds going on in the parking lot. My money is on arson.

  • Are you for real?

    This was a place where people talked back at the screen laughed way too loud and threw stuff all over. Now they may be forced to watch a movie in a quiet theatre.

    • LaughingOutLoud

      Laughed way too loud? I understand being frustrated with people talking back to the screen or throwing stuff all over, but laughing too loudly? Sounds like you’ve got some issues, yourself.

      • Are you for real?

        Because they dont have volume control and it is exaggerated. Get a grip yourself. Maybe you are one of those inconsiderate morons

  • Too late

    Great, now what are the good people in Monroe County going to do for entertainment? They’ll have resort to selling and using drugs, home invasions, stealing cars, and shooting each other.

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