Family Fitness Center Opens Near Lewisburg

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EAST BUFFALO TOWNSHIP -- It was a few years in the making, but the Lewisburg area now has a fitness center for the whole family. The Miller Center for Recreation and Wellness opened Monday morning.Brand new exercise machines line the walls of the Miller Center for Recreation and Wellness, just outside Lewisburg. These people were some of the first to check them out.

Brand new exercise machines line the walls of the Miller Center for Recreation and Wellness, just outside Lewisburg.

"Overwhelming on the first day, isn't it,? Graham Rogers said.

"Well, it's about five times the size of the last gym I belonged to," Walt Bruce said.

The Miller Center is owned by Dale Miller and his family. They are lifelong Lewisburg residents who manufacture playground and fitness equipment.

This is a 90,000-square-foot facility that's been in the works for about five years. Newswatch 16 stopped by the former warehouse in 2013 when the Miller family announced their plans.

"There's nothing like it in the area, and we're really excited about being the first ones to introduce this," Dale Miller said.

There's nothing like it because The Miller Center is not just a gym. When the facility is completely finished, it will hold basketball courts, an indoor track, and a cafe.

"There's going to be a drop-in daycare on the other side of the building. We have several multi-purpose rooms where we're going to be doing programming for all ages," Miller said.

"The equipment, the programming, the facility in general, is just state of the art," Elizabeth Reitz said.

Evangelical Community Hospital is also here. The orthopedics and physical therapy departments moved their offices to The Miller Center.

"We're often looking for opportunities to partner with the community. This gives us the ability to have our patients right here in Lewisburg," Kara Rothermel said.

Membership at The Miller Center costs $49 a month for the fitness center and $15 a year to use the basketball courts and indoor track. The rest of The Miller Center is expected to be finished this fall.


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    pretty pricey 50 bucks a month when other gyms in the area charge 30 per month. plus another 50 just for a registration fee, guess its going to be a gym for people with more money then brains. instead of paying 50 bucks to run on a treadmill run the rail trail right next to it for free

    • Jeremiah Brubaker

      Yeah, I agree with you. I figured it would be the “pricey” option in town. The article mentions they manufacture playground equipment. Last I heard they had sold that and are no longer involved with the business.

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