Business Owner Charged with Failing to Pay $100K in State Taxes

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BEECH CREEK — A business owner in Clinton County is facing charges after authorities say she failed to pay more than $100,000 in state taxes.

Donna Bittner owns the Beech Creek Furst Corner Store on Main Street in Beech Creek.

The Pennsylvania attorney general said Bittner failed to pay a total of $114,456.81 in sales and employer taxes between June 2012 and March 2017. That includes $106,565.20 in state sales tax and $7,891.61 in employer withholding tax.

The attorney general said instead of paying her taxes, Bittner used the funds for business operations.

Bittner is charged with 78 counts of theft by failure to make required disposition of funds, 12 counts of willful failure to timely file sales tax returns, and four counts of willful failure to file employer withholding tax returns.


  • Bill

    How about all the people who don’t pay taxes then send their kids to public schools and also get all the entitlement programs but pay no taxes while others are forced to pay for them . Welfare is fraud.

    • White trash

      You should get informed and steer your outrage to corporate welfare. In 2014 the Fortune 500 companies alone received 68 billion dollars (!!) in tax breaks and subsidies most paid NO taxes (e.g. Exxon which in fact received tax rebates). The ultra right-wing Cato Institute puts the total at about 100 billion$. Boeing alone received 13 billion $ in tax breaks to go along with their overcharging bloated government contracts. Just guess what their CEO’s are making off you tax dollars? Boeing for example paid theirs 29 million with untold other benefits using your tax dollars. The cost of corporate welfare completely overshadows what we pay in food stamps, housing etc. But corporate welfare goes to pudgy white men so I guess it’s OK (according the “pass gasman” below).

    • Kat

      If it’s done right, the taxes are included in the amount of rent they pay. If not, they have one dumb landlord.

  • White trash

    Hey Pass Gas: Just curious if you’d feel the same if this was a woman of color accused of welfare fraud at even a tenth of this level. Like I said, just curious….

    • Kat

      The AG is just another political puppet. Gotta make it look like you’re doing your job off and on.

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