Man Dead After Crashing Motorcycle into a Tree

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PENN TOWNSHIP — A man died after crashing his motorcycle into a tree in Lycoming County.

According to the coroner, the crash happened on around 6:30 p.m. on Saturday along Myers Road near Hughesville.

Joshua Dillon, 26, of Liberty later died at the hospital.

According to state police, Dillion first hit a tree that was lying near Meyers Road and then continued on hit another tree.

The Lycoming County coroner also said Dillon was not wearing a helmet.

There is no word on what caused that crash. The investigation by state police is ongoing.


  • Big Mac

    Donor cycles help keep up to the demand of the organ transplant industry. There is big business in those “life flights” transporting in a fresh bodies for salvage.

  • Archie Beal

    I totally disagree with that way of thinking…that motorcycles are as dangerous as the person using it….disagree….you can be as cautious as you want but you can’t control the 90 year old in the other car that pulls out …doesnt see you and either get tboned or you tbone it.

    • it could be

      Did your mother have to tie a pork chop around your neck so the dog would play with you? During pick-up games at school, were you always last pick, and they decided they’re better off without you? Do kids in your neighborhood enjoy Halloween more than Christmas just so they can TP your house and soap your windows? Do people seated next to you in restaurants ask for another table? Does your doctor not schedule another appointment for you? It could be that you’re a douche bag.

  • Archie Beal

    There should be some sort of restrictions placed on motorcycles. Every time you look at the news there’s always a crash and someone either getting severely injured or killed. This things are death traps. If anything reinstate the helmet law. I cannot understand somebody is not required to wear a helmet when operating a motorcycle but it is mandatory to wear a seatbelt when operating or the front seat passenger of an automobile. No sense

    • My choice, not yours

      We make our children wear helmets on their bicycles, but then we cram them on school buses without seat belts. Confused yet? I’ve been riding for over fourty years, always wear a helmet. Riding without a helmet is like driving without a seat belt, you’re fine until that crash – and it’s too late then. Motorcycles are no more dangerous than a gun, it’s the person that uses it that’s potentially dangerous. See the article where a couple had a tire blowout on a motorcycle on I-81? Both still alive, both wore helmets.

      • skidmarks

        Bikes aren’t like guns. I never had a car pull out in front of my gun. But I have hit a deer with my gun and survived. I would say ban all trees but I don’t like synthetic stocks.

    • why do you care?

      Restrictions. Like licensing and registering? Like annual inspections? Like insurance? Like a special operators license?
      If someone doesn’t care enough about themselves to wear a helmet, why do you care? It has no affect on you whatsoever. Or are you just one of those types that likes to piously grandstand and spout off? Take a hike Archie – and believe me when I say this – NOBODY will miss you.

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