Firearms Safety Class for Children Held in Luzerne County

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EXETER -- One way to prevent your child from injuring themselves or someone else with a gun, is by explaining what to do if they come across one.

The Firearms Institute of Specialized Training held a children's firearms safety and familiarization class Sunday in Exeter.

The event was started to take aim against a deadly but also preventable crisis.

It was held at Galli's Fighting Chance School of Self Defense.

The goal of the class is to teach children what to do if they encounter a weapon and what could happen if it is handled the wrong way.

"When they come across something that they are curious about, the more they know about it, the better. So I think just getting exposure, such as they proper thing to do might help with that curiosity a little bit and help them make good decisions," said Kelly Ford of West Wyoming.

Statistics show that there are around 1.7 million children living in homes with loaded and unsecured guns. More than 75 percent of those children know where those guns are kept.

Sunday's safety event was sponsored by the Firearms Institute and West Wyoming Borough Police.


  • Uncle Lar

    Age appropriate firearms safety and handling instruction at all levels of US public education.
    Anything less is child abuse. As for too much information too soon, I did say age appropriate. And just how old do you let your children get before you teach them not to run out in the street, or play with fire, or handle power tools without supervision?

  • Facts

    Responsible gun owners introduce their children to gun safety, themselves. When children are exposed to more information than they can process, the adult world creates a series of problems for these children.

    Children are curious about many things. Do “awareness” programs help them make wise decisions? Of course, not. The D.A.R.E. program is a prime example of too much information, too soon, for children that are too young to actually understand the implications of what they’re being exposed to. I didn’t know what marijuana was until I was in my mid-teens. Today, six year olds know more about drugs than I do as an adult.

    Gun safety. Will there also be “Stove Safety” programs? How about “Road Safety?” Let’s drop some money into a “Plastic Bag Safety Program,” while we’re at it. Each year, 1500 children die from accidental gunshots. In the same year, an average of 9,500 children die from accidental suffocation or strangulation.

    Nothing is more sensational or lucrative than fear.

  • I'm protesting your protest

    It was rumored that Archie Beal was out front handing out anti 2nd & 4th amendment propaganda, after he came down off the mountain from his campsite at Bisco.

    • Real American

      Ah yes… his never ending delusion of wanting to remove our right of unlawful seizure of property and remove our right to defend ourselves from criminals and government tyranny… he would prefer us slaves.

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