Annual Salute to Veterans Ride Held in Lackawanna County

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SCRANTON --  It was 40 miles of proud salutes to our veterans and bringing attention to their needs.

Sunday was the 18th annual "Salute to Veterans Ride" in Lackawanna County.

The event kicked off at the Gino J. Merli Veterans Center in Scranton.

The ride was held to raise awareness for veterans' issues.

The police-escorted ride made its way through Lackawanna County and then back to the center in Scranton where participants could enjoy a picnic.

Those who attended the event, have nothing but appreciation for those who served.

"It makes you feel proud. It really does, proud to be an American, proud to be a veteran, and proud to be a part of all of this," said Jim Wallace of Taylor.

All money raised at the ride benefits the center's resident welfare fund.


  • Sprinkles Wilson

    I’m getting a little tired of bikes, bikers, vets and all of their pain in the rear end issues. They come home and act like a bunch of big babies. Time to suck it up boys. Man up!

    • Russ

      Sprinkler, Nobody hates a B.S.’ing veteran who is “faking it” more than a legitimate and honorable veteran, trust me. But pretty shallow statement you made there…..”Vets and their pain in the rear end issues” ?? Really? You are going to lump all Veterans into these cast off categories that you came up with? How disrespectful of you. Do you know how many true heroes came home from the wars over the years and kept things to themselves? Things and horrors that people like you could not imagine…..and I am sure that you could probably never begin to handle without crumbling to pieces. Involvement in the unfortunate business of warfare and the inevitable loss of life that surrounds it is no joking matter and the many manifestations of PTSD are very real issues. I can only hope and pray that your true intent was much different than the way it came out in your insensitive statement.

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