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Bicyclist Dies After Being Hit by Car in Monroe County

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MIDDLE SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- A man from the Poconos has died after he was hit by a car while riding his bicycle.

It happened last month in Middle Smithfield Township, near East Stroudsburg.

According to the coroner, Ruben Lugo, 42, of East Stroudsburg, was biking along Winona Falls Road on June 8 when he was hit.

He died at the hospital on July 14.


  • Yolanda lugo

    I’m Ruben Lugo mother I want to know if this was a senseless accident that you of never occurred. I want to know if the drive is being held accountable for my son “accident” or was it intentional is driver arrested or free. I’ve been calling the Swift Water Barracks to speak to an officer Beeyonki to get answers about my son Ruben Lugo tragic car accident. And no has called me back to give me the answers I need if this officer Beeyonki reads this call me you have my number I will never be at peace with this until I get there answers I need.


    Is why I stick to the trails on my bike. Used to ride on the road, and yes, I stayed to the right of the white line, not like the asses in the middle of the lane, but too many people text and just don’t pay attention or they think because they’re in a vehicle that THEY own the road

    • Joske

      Better give up driving too then. People are killed DAILY in violent head-on collisions in NEPA. Maybe 1-2 people on bikes are killed per year.

      • hypocrite

        Says the douchebag as they type on their plastic device made in China by slave labor, plugged into an outlet powered by burning coal.

      • right, and wrong

        First off, let me congratulate you in admitting that you’re a douchebag, so you’re right on that account – and there is help available for your kind. Next, you’re wrong if you think the energy coming to your home is coal-free. If you are connected to the grid, there’s a percentage of coal, gas, and nuclear generation along with your tree-hugging ‘renewable’ sources. Let me guess, you drive a Prius too and think it was made from free ranging batteries harvested from fair trade forests?

    • Joske

      Cars are nothing but a menace on the road. Cars killed 33,000 people last year. Bikes killed 0. But I guess you just ignore facts and common sense to suit your narrow minded view of the world that you think revolves around you.

    • J (@ds18301)

      Right and Wrong — we have two choices: 1) Do nothing, keep burning oil, gas, coal until it runs out and/or destroys or air, water (think fracking) and our economy (billions to the military to defend Exxon’s interests in the middle east, no re-training of our workforce for jobs that have a future) or 2) Do something about it — any steps in the forward direction are good ones (Rather suck on the tailpipe of a Prius or a F150?) . We are being left in the dust by the rest of the world on renewable energy and will pay the price in terms of jobs (coal? really??). Even if you can’t understand the science, the economics should get your intention.

    • Jay

      I think you should try reading the article. Nevertheless, it makes no difference. Motor vehicles are required by PA law to give bicycles 4 ft and only overtake when it is safe to pass.

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