11 Year Old Died of Meningitis at Camp in the Poconos: Report

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DINGMAN TOWNSHIP -- The cause of death has been released for a boy who died at a summer camp in the Poconos.

The 11-year-old boy died Monday after New Jersey Y Camp officials say he was sick with a form of meningitis, News 12 reports.

The camp near Milford notified parents offering treatments since the bacteria can spread.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health says there's no concern for public health after the boy's death in Pike County.


    • RicU.

      Mr. Bob,

      The fact of an existing vaccine and even the presence let alone the use was not mentioned here. What hard information do you have about an adequate vaccine being available and effective on this strain on virus or infection? Not to cause concern, your posting is accurate but completely non-sequitur.

      I will wait for an answer.

      • Bob64

        Start off by going to meetmeningitis dot com.

        Reference Trumenba’s website, Trumenba is a vaccine indicated for individuals 10 through 25 years of age for active immunization to prevent invasive disease caused by Neisseria meningitidis group B.

        Check out the CDC dot Com website.

        Use common sense, check things online or books at a library. There is a vaccine for many diseases.

        Who cares if it’s non-sequitur, facts is facts.

        P..S. Thank you for being so polite Mr. Ricu.

      • RicU.

        Mr. Bob,

        We each displayed research which other can defend themselves with. Not mention here but on the websites were activities, innocent, which spread the bacteria and why it is often associated with late high school and undergraduate aged individuals. I have been guilty of some like the sharing an ice cream cone or soda. It is this age individual who would, unknowingly, spread the bacteria as they are the age group who would be the counselors and staff in these camps.

        At the very least, we did spread knowledge, the prime defense, against the spread of the bacteria. The graphics on these site say some strains of the bacteria can have disastrous effect in just 24 hours. The PA and other health professionals have their work.

        Thank you for helping to keeping the blog running so others can find the information quickly. Let’s hope it does some good. This would be a good launching point for safety oriented blogs.

        Back to the Trench?

      • Bob64

        Mr. Ricu
        Our conversation brings a point(?) to mind. There needs to be more information provided regarding diseases, vaccines and prevention. I think the news needs to inform the public on the safety of vaccines. The dangers of diseases and the dangers to oneself and others when one isn’t vaccinated.

        It was good communicating to a man of you caliber.

  • RicU.

    This should not be minimized as it is. Granted it was, hopefully, contained within one group and several hundred staff and campers. The fact the PA Dept of Health is involved should generate more concern of any one who had any chance of a contact. The incubation and infection periods of meningitis has to be respected.

    As this was in Pike County, normally not reported by WNEP 16, it should show the appropriate concern is being exercised behind the scenes by authorities.

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