Volunteers Feed 75,000 Hungry Families in Less Than an Hour

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- More than 75,000 people in Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties will be fed thanks to the work of 340 volunteers.

The Mohegan Sun Casino in Plains Township was packed with people packing plenty of packages.

Volunteers from Metz Culinary Management weren't just filling plastic baggies, they were filling up thousands of tummies, too.

"Everybody gains from this nutritionally we can benefit the community and then as a group we can support the community, which is what we're here to do," volunteer Glenn Dickey said.

340 volunteers teamed up with the non-profit Feeding Children Everywhere with the mission to make 75,000 meals in an hour, which will feed hungry families in Luzerne and Lackawanna counties.

"All the stimulation, all the motivation, people doing great things for great people, better experience! Couldn't ask for more," Dickey said.

Volunteers said there really couldn't have been a better-equipped group of people to pack 75,000 meals.

Volunteers with Metz Culinary Management said they're dedicated to feeding the hungry and they know what it takes to make a good meal.

At one point, organizers said volunteers were pumping out more than 1,200 meals a minute.

"We felt this was the absolute, positively best way to give back to the community," Volunteer Maureen Metz said.

Volunteers from all over the east coast were busy making pre-packaged jambalaya.

Even though it was packaged in a little bag, there were six meals inside. Organizers said it is high on protein and high on fiber.

"It's really awesome. The single best thing we've ever done," founder of the Metz Culinary Corporation John Metz said.

It wasn't just employees who had their hairnets strapped on tight, even the Metz family lent a hand to the lentil jambalaya.

"Just like helping people it's a good thing, it's a good feeling," granddaughter Ashley Metz said.

"I've done this before something like this before when I was younger and it's just a great feeling being able to know you're helping these families with food and everything," Granddaughter Kaitlyn Metz said.

Volunteers said everyone went home satisfied!


  • Mike

    It’s a nice gesture but how many of those needy families showed up in SUVs and carrying a 600 cell phone? How many already get government assistance? Feeding people one day makes those helping to do so feel good but how much does it really benefit anyone in the long term?

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