Trailer Hangs Over Highway Bridge After Big Rig Crashes

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DUNMORE -- Drivers had to deal with slow traffic because of a rig wreck in one part of Lackawanna County Friday morning.

A big rig was dangling off a bridge on the ramp from Interstate 84 to Interstate 81 in Dunmore.

The truck rolled over just after 6 a.m. on Friday.

A detour was put in place and the wreck was cleared by about 8:30 a.m.

The driver was taken to a hospital and is expected to be OK.

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  • Caeser194

    In the last year how many times have cars ended up going in the wrong direction on 81?How many people have been killed because a car driver can’t read on goes north in the southbound lanes?Not to mention all cars that have landed in people’s living rooms.

  • Mmmetchock

    I could really go for a nice parade. Hat, slacks, clip on tie, tight BVDs, and away i go walking. Slam-slam afterwards

  • haldonahue

    Crash after crash, morning and night could the real problem be that PA State Troopers are playing small town cops rather than enforcing highway safety and traffic rules? The constant highway closures and back ups do require attention

    • Andy

      Clearly it has to be the truck drivers fault.. must of been going really fast with the 65mph governor on their tractors….

      • try again andy

        Sarah Garcia from California would like to disagree with you – if she could. Unfortunately, she was killed by an XPO truck. “According to the latest U.S. Department of Transportation report, XPO Logistics has been involved in three fatal incidents (other than this one), and 44 incidents that resulted in injuries in the past 24 months and XPO drivers have been cited 85 times for speeding, including 28 times for speeds of 11 mph, or more, above the posted speed limit.” So much for governers.

      • go faster!

        I guess ‘too fast for conditions’ or ‘keep your vehicle under control at all times’ isn’t in the XPO driver handbook.

    • Andy

      I’m not giving my opinion, I’m giving a fact. XPO Trucks do not go faster then 65mph. They are governed. It’s also one of the largest shipping company’s in the United States. Why don’t you look at accidents from other companies. Xpo is actually one of the safest companies. How out you do some fact checking on that

      • Andy

        Sara Garcia from California probably cut off a truck, rode in its blind spot, slammed on their brakes in front of them. You dumb 4wheeler drivers have no idea what it’s like to drive a truck and are so quick to blame the truck driver.

      • Andy

        Sorry, not sorry, but when Garcia was rear ended she was hit by a port contractor for xpo. Not the same company as in the accident above.

      • have one for the road

        I was wondering how long it would take to for you to say ‘you dumb 4-wheelers’. Well Andy Panda, I’ve got my CDL and I know what it’s like to drive a truck – I’ve been doing it for over 40 years. And I’m to tell you that the number of numb-nuts truck drivers has increased exponentially in the last 10 years. It used to be an honorable trade – truckers used to be professional. Now I see them blowing through stop signs, not moving over for emergency vehicles, barreling through construction areas at well over the posted limit, you name it. How many times have you seen trucks plow right into stopped traffic? It just happened out in Ely, NV – completely disintegrated an RV between another rig that was stopped. Blue sky conditions, straight stretch of road, broad daylight. I would like to defend the profession but it’s getting harder and harder because of nitwits.

      • have one for the road

        Oh, it was a contractor for XPO – that makes it OK: “About 420 feet before that exit, a Caltrans Changeable Message Sign (CMS) had been activated warning of slowing traffic ahead, due to the common slow-down at that location from exiting vehicles. Sarah slowed down as the line of vehicles in front of her slowed to a near stop. Unfortunately, according to the Manteca truck accident lawsuit allegations, Mr. Ghaus, who was driving a Volvo Century tractor trailer on behalf of Bridge Terminal Transport, observed the CMS sign board advising of slow traffic ahead but failed to respond accordingly. Numerous witnesses reported seeing Mr. Ghaus approach the slowing traffic without braking. He struck the rear of Ms. Garcia‚Äôs car and caused a chain of collisions involving several vehicles.” I thought companies were supposed to vet their contractors and hold them to the same standards as their employees. I guess all they care about is making money and will hire anyone that can hold a steering wheel.

  • Huggy

    This is going to be happening all the time in Frackville once that cold storage warehouse replaces the mall. But hey, Granny’s and the Dutch Kitchen will have tons of truckers drinking coffee. The street roamers will be watching them closely.

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