Runway Renovations at Williamsport Airport

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MONTOURSVILLE -- Williamsport Municipal Airport Authority in Montoursville received a $3.3 million grant from the Federal Aviation Administration this week. That money will go towards a larger $8.5 million project to fix up the runway and lighting.

Storms in another part of the state are to blame for a few flight cancellations at the Williamsport Regional Airport.

"All the flights are canceled, so now I'm stuck here for another day and I can't get back to South Carolina." said Diane Collins.

"The only thing about flying in the rain is the takeoff and the landing,” said Orlando Brady.

In hopes of making that landing and takeoff safer for pilots and passengers here in Williamsport, a five-phase, $8.5 million runway rehabilitation project is underway.

"This phase of the project now is a milling and overlay of our main instrument runway and the relocation and placement of lighting," said Thomas Hart.

This week, the airport received a $3.3 million federal grant. The money will pay for improvements like better lighting that can help pilots land safely in bad weather.

A portion of the funds will also help relocate this electrical control vault, a final step in the project which could make days like this one a bit less stressful for David Andino and his coworkers.

"Today? A little hectic. The passengers will be able to get to their destinations without having to think of if there is a delay if there is a cancellation,” said Andino.

"There are a lot of people that rely on this airport to get to places and it’s frustrating. There are a lot of frustrated people here now not able to get to where they need to go in a timely manner and this will make it easier," said Collins.

"It's all aviation related which is extremely important for the safety of flights,” said Hart.

Monday, work on the new $16.5 million terminal project begins. Because of that upgrade, American Airlines plans to offer a larger 50-passenger flight more often.

The terminal at Williamsport Regional Airport is expected to be complete by fall of next year.

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