Rainy Start to Scranton Farmer’s Market

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SCRANTON -- A summertime tradition got underway Friday in Scranton.

The farmers market officially started at noon, but by 11:30 a.m. the parking lot was already packed and people were already shopping.

The rainy weather isn't ideal for the first day of the farmer's market, but it feels familiar for the farmers who dealt with a cold rainy spring.

There are about two dozen different vendors here with all types of fresh produce, maple syrup, canned goods, and bakery items.

"Couldn't wait for 12:00, got some rabe, peaches, apples, peppers, different things like that," said Frank Wahl.

He was one of the first visitors on the first day and like many others, it won't be his last visit to the market off of Barring Avenue.

"I'm getting ready to start canning pretty soon, so I come down see what's going on."

The first day is a tradition for many that dates back decades.

"This is a yearly tradition for us, with my sister and my family," said Tina Serafin.

Serafin and her family came from Carbondale to pick up plenty of produce.

"Just growing up, we came here every year. I remember buying those lollipops down there, you know, the homemade lollipops. That was a big treat when we were kids. So, we just continue the tradition, and I'm carrying everybody's bags!"

The rainy start to the farmers market feels familiar for the farmers who had a cold and damp growing season.

"It's been a tough year, I think, for all the farmers. It's been slow, the way the weather's been, it just hasn't been cooperating," said Elizabeth Graves of Graves Family Farm.

Graves says she and other farmers made the best of it.

For some of the fruit growers, like Heller's Orchards. the rainy season actually worked in their favor.

"We have a beautiful crop so far it's looking really good, peaches are wonderful. We have other peaches coming soon, white peaches, doughnut peaches, and we have several different varieties of apples on the way, so our crop is looking great," said Andrea Heller of Heller's Orchards.

This is the 78th season for the Scranton Co-op Farmer's Market.

This is the beginning of a long farmers market season in Scranton. It's open every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until Thanksgiving.

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