Rain Puts a Damper on Opening Day of Lycoming County Fair

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HUGHESVILLE -- The Lycoming County Fair is something Bob Wright of Williamsport and his family look forward to every year.  That's why on the first day of the fair, Friday, the whole family came out for fun, games and food.

"Just wanted to get out and do something for the day.  No work today, so just thought we'd bear the rain and try to have some fun," said Wright.

Speaking of rain, not too many people had the same idea as the Wright family.

"Every year for the fair it's either raining or 150 degrees.  Hopefully we get some nice days for everybody," said Wright.

As for the vendors, many did not even open their stands.  Those who did, like Gunzey's Hot Sausage, business was slow.

"There's hardly anyone here.  The vendors aren't even open.  It's disappointing for the people at the gate who pay to come in and people aren't even open," said Taffney Strous, a vendor for Gunzey's Hot Sausage.

The Lycoming County Fair runs for ten days.  This was the first full day of the fair.  Dave Fetterman of Berwick brought his grandsons and they were prepared for the weather.

"I don't mind it.  They don't like it because you can't ride any of the rides, ya know?" said Dave Fetterman.

As the weather cleared up, many of the food stands, rides and games started reopening, which made people happy.

Even so, there was not a big crowd.

"A few here and there but hopefully the sun looks like it's going to come out so hopefully tonight it picks up really good," said Gary Straub, a vendor for Dynamic Wings and Subs.

"We were hoping for a big night, we're hoping it clears up soon," said Straub.

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