New Snow Ban Signs Going Up in Hazleton

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HAZLETON -- The city of Hazleton is installing new snow ban signs all over the city.

When it snows in Hazleton, some people in the city say it can be confusing knowing where to park.

"They'd announce this side, that side, everybody would be saying, 'What side?'" Bob Sacco of Hazleton said. " Is it this side? They'd be forgetting"

To fix that problem, the city of Hazleton is putting up new snow signs.

"I don't think they're confusing at all," Hazleton Department of Public Works Supervisor Frank Vito said. "It is very simple. Blue is odd. Red is even."

The signs are color-coded and apply from November through March. If November falls in an odd year, like 2017,  and the city declares a snow emergency. You cannot park on the odd numbered side of the street. When November is in an even year, you cannot park on the even side of the street.

The city also wanted to install the signs to save money. Before these signs, the city would post paper signs each year.

"We know it is an expense in the beginning, but we know in the long run we will be saving a lot of money," Vito said.

The city plans to put up more than one thousand signs, which will cost about $23,000. Right now, there are only about 50 up along Alter street.

Robert Tarone owns Tarone's Grocery on Alter Street. He believes the signs will help out a lot when it comes to parking in front of his store during the winter.

"I think it should because now it's kind of stated pretty clearly that odd years you park on one side, even years you park on the other," Tarone said.

The city will also install yellow signs that mean you cannot park on either side of the street when there is heavy snow.

The city is still in the process of putting up all of the signs. They will not all be up by the end of the year.


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