Clothing Drive Helping Folks in Carbon County

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KIDDER TOWNSHIP -- In the basement of St. Paul's Lutheran Church near Albrightsville, tables are stacked high with clothing, all free to a good home.

The giveaway is part of the church's annual clothing drive.

Theresa Brewster from Walnutport says she was laid off from her job and this drive could not have come at a better time.

"I have to provide for my kids. School season is coming up, so we have to start stacking up on school clothes."

In its eighth year, the drive has given back to hundreds of families in and around Carbon County.

Shirley Leinthall is the coordinator of the drive and says it takes time and patience to go through all the clothes.

"It makes me feel really good. It's heartwarming. It takes a lot of organization but when you see people come in and take what they need and help other people, it gives your heart a good feeling," Leinthall said.

"It's a really helpful thing," Brewster added. "I have always been the one to give, so it's a little hard to be the one to take but I guess it evens out in the end."

People in the community started donating clothing in June.

Everything from men's shirts and pants to women's dresses and blouses, as well as clothing for children, can be found on the tables.

Organizers say about three-quarters of the clothing will go during this drive. Whatever is left over will go to a church in Tamaqua. this way they can keep on giving to people who might be in need.

Mary Ellen Riga lives in Palmerton. She comes to the drive every year and always finds something to take home.

"Oh, my gosh, if you can't find what you are looking for, something is wrong. It is awesome, well appreciated and I'm thankful," Riga said.

The drive runs until Saturday evening at St. Paul's Lutheran church in Kidder Township.


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