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Shop or Pay to Park in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- A popular spot to find free parking in Scranton's downtown won't be free for very much longer.

The Marketplace at Steamtown's parking garage off Lackawanna Avenue in Scranton provides a convenient entrance to the shopping mall and also a place for people visiting the city's downtown to skip out on paying parking fees.

The garage's manager, ABM Parking put up signs telling shoppers and parkers alike that that will soon change. There will soon be a fee for parking in the Marketplace garage only if you do not plan to shop or visit one of the Marketplace's tenants.

"I think it's a good idea because it aligns with everybody else and still free for the shoppers, which I think, is everybody's concern like mine," said Joe Cigna of Dunmore.

Marketplace managers say the ABM signs don't tell the whole story.

The Marketplace at Steamtown followed up those signs with signs that further clarify the way the parking will change this fall.

In that time, ABM will install equipment so that the garage will start to work like the other parking garages in the city while the Marketplace will develop a system to validate parking for people who visit there.

"I remember years ago when the mall first opened, we had a store in the mall at the time, and we had to validate parking at that time, so it doesn't seem like it's anything outside of the norm for what people do when it comes to parking," said Breeda Cronin-Holmes.

Cronin-Holmes runs Cronin's Irish Cottage at the Marketplace at Steamtown. She thinks the parking changes could encourage more people to come and shop.

"To be honest, I feel like anybody who would be really upset about it might not necessarily be here to shop anyway, so we welcome the shoppers and we want the shoppers to come in. If we need to validate tickets for them, that's fantastic."

The parking fees will go to ABM Parking because of an agreement between the Marketplace's owner and the city of Scranton.


  • NEPAlifer

    I LOVE the comment section!!! It’s like Talkback 16, except you have to read!! And Scranton really does suck.

  • Sam I Am

    The parking garage was built for the mall and it’s customers, if you do not like paying for parking take the bus or cab

  • Denise

    It’s kind of ridiculous especially since it is free to park downtown on the weekends. What if I go to buy pants, but can’t find anything that fits, am I still eligible for the validation? Most people aren’t going to want to be inconvenienced asking to validate when they can just go to Viewmont.

  • Stinky

    You have to love this logic. They might as well have tollbooths as you enter Scranton and charge people to enter. I mean with all the people just dying to come to Scranton the city will be out of debt in days! I can’t wait to go to the mall now and pay 3 bucks to park and hour! Great deal! The steamtown mall is better than Disney world!

  • bobc74

    I assume that goes for all the freeloaders who park there during events like the St. Patrick’s Day parade, but only enter the mall to use the rest room. Honk, Honk!!!!

  • Gopher Grace

    Should just charge people in the morning up until 11am then open it up after. Cant scare off them shoppers the whole day

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