Multiple People Charged After Human Trafficking Sting in the Poconos

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SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- Ten people are facing charges after police conducted a human trafficking sting in the Poconos.

Officials say that they raided a hotel near Stroudsburg, arresting Malik Edwards, 39, from Tobyhanna and a woman from Richmond, Virginia on charges of human trafficking.

Seven men and one woman were charged in connection with the sting.

The woman from Tennessee who is identified as the victim is being cared for by a non-profit organization in the Poconos.


  • think positive

    What a bunch of SCUMBAGS! And they all look so generic, like people we pass on the street and at the market every day! Yuk! I hope I never held the door open for any of them while entering or leaving a building!

  • CeeMe

    The Poconos is full of Pigs anymore. Very sad, since it was once a nice place to live. Now it’s overrun with scum from Philly and NY.

    • sw

      Those mugshots are of mostly white trash. Also, if your name is Geno, I’m assuming your ancestors are from a specific Mediterranean region. Back in the sixties, your ancestors weren’t considered to be white. It’s easy to go down the racist road,isn’t it?

    • Bob

      Either do you or your friends. That’s why they come here because you are not going to do a thing about it

  • pot smoker

    Lowlifes the lot ! Love that they posted the scum who pay for sex ( hope it haunts them) . Does not mention whom they were holding and prostituting but lets see if a judge will take 20 years off their lives or take their dirty money and let them off . The woman participant in trafficking is the most dangerous of the lot and needs taken out for good.

  • Huggy

    What the heck is buried in those cement steps at Granny’s in Frackville? Anyone else hear that there’s something in there?


    Monroe county going down the tubes like Schuylkill, Luzerne and Northumberland. But morons actually go to the Poconos to vacation. Thats hilarious! Polluted wasteland with jersey criminals that has mountains with hotels called resorts with hot-tubs!

  • Wow!

    That’s awful! I hope that poor woman is OK. Human trafficking is a big problem everywhere. I don’t understand why people think it’s OK to keep people hostage to do disgusting things like that. I’m glad they got busted and the men paying for it shame on them. I pray that woman is OK and gets reunited with her family. Most people that get sucked into human trafficking are never seen or heard from again. What is this world coming to? God help us all in Jesus name, amen!!

  • RicU.

    The same crime was reported about 3 or 4 years ago in a location across Main Street from the NEPA 16 office. Was this the same criminal activity?

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