Victim Identified in Moosic Death Investigation

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MOOSIC --  A death investigation in Moosic took several twists and turns Wednesday as police tried to figure out what led to a pedestrian crash that killed a man from New York.

Investigators told Newswatch 16 he was in town to work at a music festival.

Troopers said Timothy Vair, 27, of Oneida, New York was killed. He was hit around 3:30 a.m.Wednesday on the 3500 block of Birney Avenue in Moosic. It was originally reported as a hit and run, but investigators soon found out that wasn't the case.

When police arrived on the 3500 block of Birney Avenue in Moosic, they found Timothy Vair's body in the street.  His shoes and a bloody cellphone several feet away from him. They had a lot of evidence to piece together.

Investigators believe Vair was injured and bleeding before he was hit by a car traveling on Birney Avenue. Troopers tell Newswatch 16, though initially, it may have a looked like one, it was not a hit and run.

The driver of the car that hit Vair did stop and called 911, but the message was confused because of a language barrier.

That driver, 56-year-old Shri Rai, does not speak English. With the help of an interpreter, he was later able to tell troopers what happened when he was driving four co-workers home from an overnight shift.

Police still have more interviews to do before deciding whether or not to file charges.

Troopers visited the Econo Lodge in Scranton Wednesday afternoon. The victim, Timothy Vair, had been staying there. They interviewed the victim's fellow vendors who plan to work at a music festival this weekend.

State troopers also tell Newswatch 16 they plan to search Shri Rai's car Thursday before they determine whether or not a crime was committed.

UPDATE: THURSDAY -- The coroner said Vair died from multiple traumatic injuries from being struck and the death is considered accidental.


  • pot smoker

    So a NY carnie got run down by a car load of foreigners , Something funny here – it says they have jobs, a car and insurance ? And they stopped !

    • Anony Mouse

      He Was NOT a Carnie!!! A young man with a Big Heart, A Son, A Hard Working kid with A Heart of Gold!!

  • Archie Beal

    This is one of the reasons I believe some of the ammendments and constitution needs to be rewritten. The constitution needs to be shredded and we start over from scratch. A lot of these ammendments are outdated and do not apply to modern times. Time for a new start and change. Rewrite the ammendments to pertain to today’s society

    • sc

      Archie Beal,….what in gods name are you babbling about.
      how is the constitution related to this story? and
      the modern, politically correct society is whats destroying our value.
      I think you would like it much better in maybe Germany or Sweden. try it out.
      a kid got killed…lost his life. it sucks….period.

    • Bernard Fife

      Exactly. By the way, if he couldn’t speak English how did he get a drivers license or how could he read the road signs?

      • Traveler

        My initial thoughts as well. But – and this might be a stretch – he might be here on a tourist or work visa. I’ve driven in other countries (thank goodness for my English speaking Garmin GPS) on an International Drivers License, but I would be just as SOL as Shri if I had a problem and needed to talk to someone.

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