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Two Facing Felony Drug Charges After One Tries to Flee

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KINGSTON -- Two people are facing felony drug charges after a wild chase in part of Luzerne County.

Charles Hackley and Gabriell Laimo were arraigned Wednesday night. Both are accused of selling heroin and crack cocaine to a confidential informant.

Investigators said when officers went to execute a search warrant, Hackley tried to run.

Officers found him in an overgrown backyard on Pringle Street after looking for him for roughly an hour.

Jarrod Starcher saw all the police activity as it unfolded as Kingston police, ATF agents, and other law enforcement officers searched the neighborhood.

"My neighbor told me that he ran down here, and he was hiding along the fence over here, but I guess they weren't sure where he was at, and he was on the other side of the fence, and they had basically 20 different departments here getting him," Starcher said.

Kingston police say the chase started when officers went to a house on Zerby Avenue to execute a search warrant. Undercover officers had been buying crack cocaine and heroin there.

The two people they were looking for weren't inside, but when officers came out they saw Hackley standing by a parked car. He took off, and after an hour-long search, he was found several blocks away.

Police say they took him and Laimo, who was in the parked car, into custody.

"I've seen a couple drug busts over the years. I've lived here about 12 years, so I've seen a couple SWAT team, drug busts that have happened, you know? One over here. One over there, but most of the time it is quiet here," said Mary Baker of Kingston.

Hackley and Laimo are being held at the Luzerne County jail for the drug charges. Hackley is being held on $200,000 cash bail. Laimo is being held on $225,000 cash bail.

Police say Hackley will be charged for his attempt to flee at a later time.


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