Outrage over Killer’s Sentence

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SCRANTON -- The sentence for an inmate who killed a corrections officer in Wayne County – life in prison not death -- is still not sitting well with people.

One of 12 jurors would not impose the death penalty, meaning the inmate technically won't be punished.

Jessie Con-ui was already supposed to be serving a life sentence when the jury failed to unanimously agree Monday in federal court on the death penalty.

Many are wondering how it's even fair to the victim Eric Williams and his family.

After a life sentence was given to inmate Jessie Con-ui in federal court in Scranton, it was not hard to find people second guessing the outcome.

"I don't think it was fair for the victim's family. He should have gotten the death penalty," said Phillip Flanagan.

"The justice system definitely works in favor of the defendant too often," said Madeline Rose.

"They turn around and give him another life sentence for this one. What's he paying for? He's not suffering at all for it," said William Cupp.

Even Talkback 16's line was flooded with calls.

"He savagely killed him; 200 times he stabbed him. How can the jury come back with that?"

Eric Williams' family and fellow corrections officers were bewildered and upset after the verdict Monday.

"They did absolutely nothing. So I'm not happy. It's not right," said Eric Williams' father Don said on Monday.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys went through the jury selection process weeks before the trial started in June. All the potential jurors were asked if they could consider the death penalty, and if they said no, they likely would not have been picked.

But according to one of the 12 on the jury, it was one juror on the jury who couldn't bring herself to sentence Con-ui to death.

"She would have to say, 'I couldn't impose the death penalty under any circumstances' to be a strike for cause," defense attorney Bill Ruzzo explained.

Ruzzo has defended numerous people facing the death penalty including cop killer Eric Frein who ended up on death row.

Even after stabbing Williams 200 times, killing him at the federal prison near Waymart in 2013, Jessie Con-ui goes back as if nothing happened.

"They went by the book. They went by the system, and that's the system," said Ruzzo.

The U.S Attorney's office which prosecuted the case would not comment when asked how a juror who reportedly could not impose death because she has a son in prison was able to get through jury selection.


  • Frank

    My sons are COs, if anything happens to them like what happened to Eric, I would take matters into my own hands. I wouldn’t take my chances with our Justice system.

  • mickmars

    This guy was nothing but a steaming pile of fecal matter while in society/before he killed the guard. Yet we will now pay to keep him alive for decades. They should “accidentally” push him into the guards locker room during a shift change. and let him find out just how tough he actually is when he’s not armed. Save the taxpayers some money when they “accidentally” beat hm to death,

  • mickmars

    This guy was nothing’s no but a steaming pile of fecal matter while in society/before he killed the guard. Yet we will now pay to keep him alive for decades. They should “accidentally” push him into the guards locker room during a shift change. and let him find out just how tough he actually is when he’s not armed. Save the taxpayers some money when they “accidentally” beat hm to death,

  • Bob

    Something tells me the juror that held out and Jessie Con-ui had the same completions ya know for the connection

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    I don’t know what’s crazier, giving money to fruit loop Bubbles boy for his sex makeover or giving a life sentence to an inmate serving a life sentence!


    You’re all crazy.

  • Kelli

    you are aware the juror that held out has a son that is incarcerated and wouldn’t want her son sent to death so held out? WHY WHY WHY was she on this jury to begin with? The judge needs to step in and do something! When you are a juror you MUST be impartial – this is INSANE!! sad that the other jurors would even think of giving into her stupidity!! This man was a savage with no respect for this CO’s life – brutalizing him, torturing him, and killing him.. he deserves “an eye for an eye” not a walk in the park!

    • RicU.


      From the way it reads here, as a prospective juror, the court was informed of the son being in jail and the juror would therefore have problems voting for a death penalty.
      STRIKE ONE…. The judge can and should have honorably discharged the prospective juror with the thanks of the court. It is done all the time.
      STRIKE TWO…. The A.D.A. should have challenged or at least asked the prospective juror if they wanted to be excused for personal conflict.
      STRIKE THREE…. The repeat felon gets another live without tacked on to his whatever is left at the people expense .
      NOW you know why Captain James Kirk never came to Pennsylvania.

      • Kellu

        OMW that is ridiculous!!! Seriously what were any of them thinking??? God bless CO Williams family. A second crime was committed with this jury and all who allowed her on that jury 😡😡

    • Lance

      What about the inmate? He loved his fellow man so much he stabbed him 200 times! That isn’t a fellow man that is an animal! So save it for church.

    • pot smoker

      retarded people fail to see a convicted murderer , convicted of another murder as a time to end his life , they need you as a prison guard for these piles of crap . maybe you could learn something?

    • Mike

      He’s not a human being. What if it was your loved one that he slaughtered. This guy will be killed in prison.

  • Mad Dog

    The system sucks. Period. Life in prison is the biggest joke and waste of money human beings have ever come up with. These sub humans commit brutal crimes, many times, taking a life, and we save them for many years, feeding and clothing them. I don’t care if its prison, they still breathe life and don’t deserve to. Amen.

  • CeeMe

    It sounds like the juror pulled one over on the attorneys in the selection process. Hope the moron is happy now that she made a stupid decision and just remember what goes around, comes around.

    • Fredric


      Agreed. The judge should have removed that juror I need selection. The juror was protecting a family member from inmate retaliation. You can believe how little protection the C. O.’s would have give that inmate.

  • Fredric

    You mean some dumb judge or A. D. A. did challenge the juror who had a son in the system?

    Yup, A. D. A. blew it.

  • Fredric

    FOR THOSE WHO QUOTE FEDERAL STANDARDS, please read about the A. D. A. presenting a lousy case. The A. D. A. is the reason your blood lust is frustrated. A federal case has more lienient rules of evidence. And still the A. D. A. could sauce your blood lust. The Plan B, execution by suicide will probably provail in 4-6 years.

    As for the governor’s intervention, he still could, many governors have, but the convicted might ‘retire’ before then. Satisfied?

  • Larry Stokes

    Ricu…I believe you need to be schooled…first of all the governor has nothing to do or say in an execution when it pertains to a federal case. This is a federal case and he is a federal inmate. If it was a state case and state inmate, different story. So I think you should learn before you speak.

  • RicU.

    Save the ill-informed diatribe. The Judge called it as the Judge saw it.

    REALITY #1… THE GOVERNOR has already said he will stay and further review all capital execution do to the pitiful quality of legal defense.

    REALITY #2… THIS convict now has to live every day with Prison C.O.’s who have a score to settle.

    REALITY #3… Life without parole is a long time for the convict to consider ways of suicide.

    REALITY #4… The A.D.A. might have been an amateur in presenting the case and therefore only deserved the Life sentence.

    FOR all you tough people who want to murder all convicts,TURN OFF THE TV and LEARN THE LAW!!!.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    He should start his sex and name change process. He can become a woman on our dime and get released in no time!

    Don’t believe me?
    In today’s America? Hahaha!

  • richen

    So if an inmate has a *itch about a particular Officer & can meet the price all he needs to do is find a lifer & make the deal. This is ROCK BOTTOM for America! MAGA 2018.

  • Tjkat

    This is a shame. Can’t believe that this bitch has a son in jail and she felt sorry for this murderer!!! So now he can kill another correction officer. She had to have lied about her son. They ask you about this when they pick you for a jury. New trial because of jury corruption!!

      • Johsua

        And do what to her, exactly?

        She was obviously biased right from the start and wasn’t going to vote for the death penalty, and if that’s your opinion, you should never be a juror in a case where that is a possible outcome. Either she lied about her personal beliefs, or the process failed to weed her out. I feel sorry for the family, but what’s done is done. Hopefully the ‘other’ justice system will prevail.

    • RicU.

      What Bar are you a member of? When did you graduate law school? When was the last time you or anyone else here pass a bar.. . exam?

      Save the global warming and start studying.

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