Update: Arrest Made in Monroe County Death Investigation

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP -- Police in the Poconos are investigating a death in a Monroe County community.

A woman was found dead inside her home on Boardwalk Drive inside A Pocono Country Place, in Coolbaugh Township, around 3 a.m. Tuesday.

She was identified by authorities as Morgan McGee, age 28.

When police arrived, they found McGee dead inside the home with what appeared to be two gunshot wounds.

Investigators said an acquaintance of McGee contacted one of McGee's family members and told them to go to the home on Boardwalk Drive to get McGee's 1-year-old child that was inside the home.

When family members arrived, they found McGee and immediately called 911.

Pocono Mountain Regional Police, state troopers, and the coroner had a section of A Pocono Country place blocked off for most of the day.

Authorities say witnesses told them they heard arguing inside the home and possible gunshots.

Later, police found a vehicle that matched the description of one leaving the home Tuesday morning.

Not long after, police arrested Eric Jones, 31, McGee's boyfriend and the father of the child, who lived in the home with McGee.

Newswatch 16 spoke to some neighbors who heard shouting but were not expecting this outcome.

"It's concerning," said Maria Colon. "We have children, a lot of ladies and young women, and it's very concerning. You never see anything like this on our street."

Jones faces charges of criminal homicide, child endangerment, drug charges, tampering with evidence, and other charges.

An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday.


  • Robert

    Not sure what the all the discussion is about. Just look threw the headlines. Do elementary level math and get rich betting on the odds the ethnicity of the next murderer. Anybody going bet Caucasian and let it ride? LOL…
    We know where the winning bet is, don’t we ;)

  • Mary

    Jc is out here in these comments thoooooooooooooo yasss good for you man !!! All these devils all this hate !!! Thank Jc we support you!!! Eric jones did a bad thing let’s not keep persecuting black men for one mans mistake … cause if that was the case we should get rid of all white Americans because you people came here to this country have not stop killing ever since !! Rapist and murders with power may god forgive you all !!

    • Robert

      Do you not realize the most dangerous place for a black person is in the womb? Check it out! Talk about killing defenseless humans. At least the Indians could fight back. But it is still a win/win in my book.

  • Chris

    loving this tread !! Great conversations going on !!

    Siding with Jc and Bernice on this one!!
    Keep taking those insanity pills white america it’s time to wake up !!

  • Thomas

    JC is invited to every cookout this summer!!!! You have earned you black card!!!!! We stand with you brother !!!

  • Kat

    When you have no argument, or when you have no defense, pull the race card. Check the census. Looks like there’s a new minority in town, and they aren’t black.

    • Chris

      Kat sit down please !!! Grab the nearest sit and don’t get up until you understand what’s going on … you don’t know what your talking about

      • Perspective

        Easy there Chris, or should I say JC – or Archie for that matter? Posting support for a fictional pseudonym is pathetic.

  • J (@ds18301)

    Before making racist comments, try being scientific and count up the number of lily-white faces on these (and any other) news pages accused of the most heinous of crimes. It pretty much tracks the demographics. Trash comes in all colors. In this country we glorify ignorance and vilify intelligence as somehow being “elitist”. While we descend into a paranoid third word country and build walls, ignore science and focus on hate, the rest of the world continues to surpass us by greater leaps and by every measure. Sad.

  • Bernice

    Now I see why the state of Pa was red … why you are voted for trump!! this state is full of ignorant uneducated privileged white folk!!!

    • translated

      I’ll translate for Bernice: Ignorant = Person that speaks the truth, Uneducated = At least a High School education, Privileged = Wants to work, has a job. So Bernice, I work with several black people with college degrees, and they voted for Trump too. What does that make them?

      • Translated correctly

        Ignorant = A person that is not aware of the truth, Uneducated = no education outside the racist household they were raised in Privileged = white people

      • translated

        Are you calling them liars? Wouldn’t that be racist and stereotypical? I guess the ‘Trump’ bumper sticker on their BMW was put there by someone else, and they just decided to leave it there. Or it could be that they don’t subscribe to all the racist crap that holds the weak-minded down and took charge of their lives.

      • Chuck U Schumer

        Sounds like a bunch of unemployed Liberal Arts majors are posting on here. They found out they can’t get a job nor can they pay off their tens of thousands of dollars for their worthless degrees. They have triggered after discovering there are no safe spaces with hot chocolate and cuddle therapy. Trump is our President, get over it

  • JC

    Many people in the comment section are missing the point.. and are just racist lets just be honest! Areas are not bad because of what kind of people live in it. Its the circumstances and the poverty level. The average job in this area pays 9.00 an hour its a low income area. The poconos did not turn “bad” because of the people that moved here it turned bad because of the income levels.

    • JC

      White people kill and shoot up places all the time… lets not forget the manhunt for Eric Frein but since he was white everyone wants to push that under the rug … stop with the bs! Lets be real

      • that's a shocker

        I’ll call you out on both of those comments JC. So you say being poor is an excuse for violence? Or being low income is an excuse for an area being bad? I’m old enough to remember my parents and grandparents talk about the depression in the 20’s. Nobody had any money to speak of, times were tight but people still tried to find jobs to feed their families. They didn’t join gangs and live the thug life. Sure there was organized crime in the cities but the average Joe still tried to pull his weight. Who’s pushing Frein under the rug? WNEP was the Frein News Network for weeks and people were calling for his head on a platter. Same with Adam Lanza and the rest of the white trash shooters. So, are you saying Eric Jones is a nice guy?

      • Robert

        All the time? LOL, I’ll bet the next murderer is a minority with nothing more than a baby’s dad and a mother on public assistance without an education. I could be wrong, but I’ll win more than I loose and get rich if there was such betting I’d let it ride! Face the facts! Close your legs, get an education then a JOB. Your babies depend on it!

      • JC

        How about the people that have been here. Born and raised in this!! Rascism pounded in there brains since birth ! The poconos has taken a turn for the worst because of people like you and people like your parents !! Let’s be serious here !! There’s plenty of white trash to go around here !! They have been killing before any minority’s came here. I don’t want to hear it everyone is making it seem like only black people kill and kill eachother we do it too we just get away with it! Why because we are white and have the color for the protection ! And that’s the damn truth

      • Perspective

        Never before have I seen such a pathetic display of white guilt than with JC. I think you are what’s referred to as a wigger. Wear your hat on an angle? Listen to old rap that the homies don’t listen too anymore? Hold your crotch while you stroll? You might be a wigger. There is help for you though – the brothers will straighten you out some day and take your lady because your pathetic white butt has no jazz. Funny to listen to a two-time loser ‘preach’.

  • that's a shocker

    In 2016: “Gerald Jones, 34, of A Pocono Country Place development in Tobyhanna was arrested Wednesday after detectives discovered him downloading videos of child pornography.” Older brother?

  • that's a shocker

    In 2007 he was an accomplice in a carjacking: “Two men in the Jeep were taken into custody. Police identified them as Eric Jones, 21, of Tobyhanna”. And this girl thought it was a great idea to get hooked up with this guy and raise a family with him. Bring back old sparky – I’ll even pay for the electricity.

  • that's a shocker

    Back in 2004 Eric Jones was shot by a Latin Kings gang member over a bicycle. Guess where they all lived? Other news sources have a photo of the departed. Draw your own conclusions – but it sounds like this is an area to steer well clear of.

  • Jean

    I find it horrible that a young mother was murdered and left a one year old motherless . It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it , I’m human and would like to give my condolences to the family. I am so very sorry for your loss. It doesn’t matter to me where you live , losing a child is never easy for anyone. Are we really in the last days when people are so cold that they speak about where people live and not about what’s happening to them ? I have to shake my head and pray that we do better.

    • that's a shocker

      I find it horrible that she associated with such filth. I find it horrible that thugs and hoodlums can flourish instead of being chained together doing road maintenance or cutting firewood. Some people are just evil – we are in the last days sister Jean – some people just don’t realize it. Every day more and more shootings, stabbings, overdoses.

  • CeeMe

    APCP is a dump! This type of thing happens there a lot, it seems. This guy probably didn’t want the responsibility of a kid and his girlfriend wanted one. So what’s the solution? Shoot her. His problems have just begun.

  • It's not racist if it's true

    Any bets that when the ‘father’ (AKA sperm donor) is picked up, his name will be DeShawn, Jamal, or Trevon?

    • CeeMe

      The article states his name is Eric Jones, but I know what you mean and it’s probably the same thing.

    • JC

      cause white men dont kill there girfriends… or shoot up any place when given the opportunity… STFU AND SIT DOWN

      • that's a shocker

        Own it JC – tell me your race doesn’t glorify violence against women in your culture. How many white people (except wiggers) write songs about smacking hoes around and shooting cops? Exactly what did this girl do to justify getting shot? We should have picked our own cotton and left you all in Africa. The USA would be a better place.

      • JC

        The catch is … I am a white man my mother is Irish and my father is born and raised in Scranton . Even though I may look white I know that I have African blood in me . The first women in this planet that gave birth was black then everyone migrated to different parts of the world. Everyone one in this thread is in denial of the truth. Today I am married to a beautiful black women. I chose to do so because I did not want my dna to be weaken. The strongest dna comes from black people. Your comments do not bother me I just see there is a lot more work to do. Everyone needs to keep educating themselves and learning about where they really came from.

      • OK then...

        So Eve was a black woman. How do you know this? Read it in Jet magazine or watched a documentary on BET? And you just know that you have African blood in you? DNA test? I won’t deny that there are some very attractive black women out there – strong, classy, profound, successful black women. I just doubt that any of them that have even a shred of self-worth would have anything to do with you. What does marrying a black woman have to do with keeping your personal DNA strong? Wait – WHAT? You’re a loonie. Oh, I get it – you’re like that nut job Rachel Dolezal – you identify as being black. OK then, enjoy the ride…

      • Thomas

        We support you JC !!!!! Thank you for standing up for what’s right and what you belive in !! God bless you and your family ! Let’s make Afro America great again !!! Let’s take our land back brother !!

      • JC

        Has everything to do with it a baby with African DNA hit milestones quicker then a white baby. This is science you can’t argue with that. The best basketball players are all black the best boxer in this world isn’t black black people always exceed in every sport !! They have natural god given talents that’s why we copy everything they do that’s why we brought them here as slaves to build our country because we couldn’t do it without a strong black man !! Get it do you understand that I know it hurts but it’s the truth our skin is so pale we can’t even survive in the sun 30 mins in the sun I turn red but my wife could sit out there all day and nothing happens to her not one burn. There genetic design is stronger then ours! These are facts my friend!!

  • Axel rosenberg

    Monroe county is the 6th borough of NYC – I lived there for many years and watched many things Change for the worse with my own eyes. Traffic, garbage on sides of roads, sirens, horrific crimes in the news on a weekly basis, certain groups with their attitudes and culture, etc.

    When you see ethnic food stores, signs in foreign languages, and check cashing businesses pop up, you KNOW it’s time to move!

      • Bill W.

        Drive through the Poconos, Wilkes Barre, Hazelton. Too many minorities giving white people a solid reason to be racist. If you don’t like their attitude, show them that they’re wrong about you.

      • how dare they

        Yeah, those racists! Always dealing drugs, shooting and stabbing people, stealing cars. They are just no good. Down with racists, up with thugs! No – wait…

    • John O'keefe

      that was all Indian land at one time…anyway a couple builders and lawyers got rich very fast when apcp was developed,houses were built in a week and now those residents are dealing with rot and a lot of repairs to these homes,it was all about gettin in and out as far as development.i knew that place was going to be a problem some day.for everyone involved, the urban flow and all it brings has devoured monroe county.oh yea their all rude as hell

      • JC

        There are more white people on welfare then black.. check your facts buddy this is a commonwealth state and everyone benefits from it including white people

      • JIMINY

        Cite your source of information JC – exactly how many more crackers are on the dole than Sambo?

      • Please tell us

        Still waiting for you to cite the source of your claim, JC. Or have you been too busy running your own business and posting lies?

  • think positive

    I remember when The Poconos was a nice place to go for a Romantic Honeymoon, or a fun Vacation Getaway. There was a certain mystique that surrounded the idea of it and some “then-popular”, big-name entertainers booked there. Now it’s just another drug and crime-ridden area.
    Every time I start thinking about where I’d like to move to, where the best place to live is, I come up dry. There isn’t a nice place to live anymore.

    • June Cleaver

      Two reasons. One, the general disintegration of the culture as a whole over the last 50 years. The reasons for this can be debated but the fact cannot. Secondly, the influx of low life’s from the major metropolitan cities.

      • Jean

        I’m sorry , but what about the low life’s that were born right here ? Pretending to be normal ? Home grown criminals right here in the Pocono. Who are you fooling crime has always been here.

      • Marvin

        “the general disintegration of the culture as a whole over the last 50 years” – You can debate the reason but the fact is people have rejected God because they want to be their own god over their own lives. God has been kicked out of schools, government, and even some “churches.” Where there is no moral compass, there are no morals.

      • JC

        poconos were filled up to the brim of low life’s way before new yorkers came.. they were born in the heart of the poconos

    • Goodbye yellow brick road

      Far, far away from any urban area seems to be best. Maybe Idaho or Montana? Our forefathers would kick our butts if they were alive today. This is what we’ve done with freedom and liberty…

      • Jean

        Your fore father’s! Are you serious ! You mean the Indian killers , land stealing , slave owning civilized people who thought they made this country great ! You better swallow that insanity !

    • Jean

      I hear the moon is an ideal place. No people , no poverty, no crime , no problems. Sounds like the perfect place for you.

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