Flying Tires Damage Diner in Schuylkill County

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NORTH MANHEIM TOWNSHIP -- "All of a sudden we heard a crash. It sounded like a bomb went off. We came out there was stuff all over, glass, cinder blocks hanging," said Robin Moran, owner of Robin's Diner.

That bomb-like sound came from tractor trailer tires.

The owner of Robin's Diner took a photo Friday morning, right after the pair of tires broke off the back of a truck and went crashing through the window of the diner along Route 61 near Schuylkill Haven.

"It's very terrifying. You're on a busy highway and we don't know what is coming through. I didn't know if it was a truck, a car, a bomb. We called 911 right away and got as much help here as we could," said Moran.

More than a dozen customers were inside the place.

Owner Robin Moran says one man was hit by a cinder block and has severe injuries. He was flown to a hospital near Allentown.

Robin's Diner remains closed.

In addition to all the damage and injuries inside, two cars were also damaged outside. Owners tell Newswatch 16, it's going to take some time before they can reopen.

Elizabeth Barkley lives in Schuylkill Haven. She calls the whole situation terrifying.

"It's horrible. I would hate, I mean you're sitting there having breakfast and things happen that should not. It is a freak accident. Things happen, and it's sad," said Barkley.

Owners say now it's a waiting game until they can deal with insurance companies, but they do have a message for customers.

"We will be back. Like my husband says, we are down, but we are not out," said Moran.

State police are investigating what caused the tires to come off the truck and fly into the diner.


  • hg3300

    I would expect the comments section of WNEP to be full of more than ignorant people bashing Schuylkill County over what basically amounts of a freak accident. I mean, I watch WNEP, I hope I’m not the only decent individual who watches, but looking at these comments it’s hard to imagine otherwise.

  • Huggy

    Anyone know if this will affect opening day for high school football? Those people love watching kids in uniforms.

  • coal crackers

    “I didn’t know if it was a truck, a car, a bomb.” Moran said. Let me reassure all of you Skuylkill county lesser-than-us’s, never worry about a bomb. You folks have nothing left to destroy in your poverty stricken hellhole. Maybe a Frackville street roamer will throw a feces covered m80 at your 12 year old daughter, but that’s about it.

  • Jonesy69

    The tractor trailers are going to be all over frackville when that cold storage warehouse replaces the frackville mall. Probably we’ll have prostitution run rampant. The roamers do it for free at least


    These truck drivers are dangerous throughout Schuylkill County. When I walk around town those big rigs go vroom, vroom, vroom and do not move over for me. It makes walking dangerous especially on the side streets in frackville.

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