Con-ui to Get Life Sentence for Murdering Officer

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SCRANTON -- An inmate who murdered a federal correctional officer will be sentenced to life in prison after the jury could not decide on the death penalty.

Jessie Con-ui was found guilty last month of first-degree murder for killing Correctional Officer Eric Williams of Nanticoke.

Con-ui was an inmate at the federal prison at Canaan in Wayne County when he killed Williams in February of 2013. Con-ui was serving a life sentence for a gang-related murder in Arizona.

After five hours of deliberations, the jury could not agree on the harshest punishment for the convicted killer Jessie Con-ui.

Eric Williams' family and fellow workers gasped when the judge said Con-ui will receive life in prison.

Don Williams wasn't expecting his son's murderer Jessie Con-ui would be spared his life after what Con-ui did at the federal prison near Waymart in 2013.

"This man was already doing life. He committed a hideous murder on my son, and they gave him life again."

After weeks of testimony in the penalty phase of the federal trial, the jury couldn't agree on the death penalty even though jurors convicted Con-ui of first-degree murder last month in about half an hour.

"You know what they did to him for doing what he did to my boy? They did nothing. They did absolutely nothing. So I'm not happy," Williams said.

"They didn't do anything. This is how we treat our corrections officers? The man was working, as Mr. Williams said. He was already doing life. He murdered his son, murdered a federal officer. Nothing was done," said Darrell Palmer, Council of Prison Locals.

Williams was working at the federal prison at Canaan in Wayne County when Con-ui jumped him, stabbing him more than 200 times, telling investigators afterward, "It was a disrespect issue."

Now, Don Williams is still committed to making it safer for other correctional officers at prisons across the country.

"We're going to continue our fight for justice and safety for corrections people," he said.

Federal corrections officers tell Newswatch 16 that because Con-ui didn't get the death penalty, they fear he may kill again. After all, Con-ui was in prison for a murder plot when he killed Williams and also had yet to start serving a life sentence in Arizona for another murder.

The trial took only two days because Con-ui's defense team didn't put up a defense.

During the two-day trial, jurors watched graphic surveillance video showing Con-ui attack Williams and stab him more than 200 times.

Con-ui was convicted of a second murder charge because Williams was an on-duty federal law enforcement official.


  • M T W

    Quit call them gaurds, ppl don’t realize how much crap or how much stress they get from offender, upper ranks and administrator. Stab 200 hundred time and they can’t make a decision . I bet they’ll have a hung jury if it was one of there family member. They ppl you mind putting down are officer. Get a dictionary and look it up .

  • Jake Smule

    I was glad to see him on Federal charges since the Libs in PA got rid of the death penalty but this is ridiculous.

    The jurors that decided this way should have to become prison guards and watch how much sympathy they have for this POS.

  • Are you kidding!?!

    Anything after life; Should be death. The following day sentence should be carried out.

  • i quit..


  • We Need A Return to Justice.

    Absolutely pathetic. The killer is already serving a life sentence and gets another life sentence….He is not a cat with nine lives…How does someone serve two life sentences. This jury failed the corrections officer’s family. There is definitely something wrong with the justice system in this country. If it was the juror’s child who was killed they would see it differently. God bless this family. May God serve justice in the end.

  • CeeMe

    Throw that one hold out juror in jail with this guy. See if he shows her/him any sympathy. Stupid decision and this guy cites “lack of respect” for killing an officer and was already serving a life sentence for another crime. Doesn’t this tell you something? Thanks for letting the taxpayers support him for the rest of his unproductive, violent life. I hope I’m never tried by a jury of my peers as they are idiots!

  • Sam I Am

    Great an inmate is getting amunity.

    How much longer before he kills another person and gets the same sentence.

  • Bruce Balish

    WORTHLESS jurors. The guy is serving life for murder. Kills a second time and a group of spineless people don’t have the balls to put him down. DISGUSTING!!

  • Jasen Bohinski

    Sad to think that some people out there point to “potential abuse” by the Officer. I’d challenge anyone to provide an example of abuse that supports that Officer being killed in the manner that he was. If abuse was even in the picture, the inmate could have filed charges, similar to the ones filed by the Lackawanna County Jail inmate. But this inmate decided the cell search that occurred warranted the brutal slaying of an Officer. That logic means it’s ok for a crime like road rage to get violent. Because that person felt you cutting them off warrants violence against you.

  • Cellwatcher

    Wonderful, He is now a hero to all in the system. Got away with murder and went untouched. He was already doing LIfe. Where is the punishment? Wont be kept in the hole forever(Liberals say thats cruel). When he kills again and he will, let those jurors explain why he was able to.

  • RJ

    What a sham trial. The jurors who voted for life are disgraceful dolts who punished Eric’s family further.

  • Curious

    Are you fkn kidding me? Absolutely pathetic. Like ‘gutless jurors’ said, Now he’s a respected inmate in the prison system.

  • inside darkness

    I agree on death also but the only thing I can think happened was the jury heard evidence of guard abuse or this guard could have possibly provoked the encounter.

    • Lori

      You obviously are not an individual who has worked in this setting! All accounts says he was a stand up guy. The inmate reacted to something that is a daily occurrence….cell searches.

      • Me

        How about don’t break the law and get a fkn job worthless pieces of sh!t… he deserves to die and never see the light of day again.. he lost his rights when he decided to do the crime.. can’t wait for his day to come…

  • El Ma

    Back in the day, anyone who would kill an authority figure like a cop or corrections officer was put to death. And, I mean that they rode the lightning and didn’t spend the next 2 decades in appeals. “Back in the day,” a death penalty meant just that: execution. Today, it’s meaningless.

    Officer Williams didn’t have the opportunity to file for an appeal. This skank-bag gets three hot meals, free medical/dental/visual care, clothing, and a place to sleep for the rest of his life. Ummmmmmm…………yeah………

  • Lance

    To give this animal a life sentence will only allow him to kill again. He was already servinf a lengthy swntence! This POS deserves to die as a lesson to the other inmates that you won’t get away with it.

  • magicmikexxsm

    Con-ui to Get Life Sentence in Murder of Officer…………………
    Wow unbelievable , you need me on these jury’s ..this guy should have gotten the death penalty….
    Bunch of liberals must have been on the jury..

    • 'MURICA!

      You’re not very bright, are you?

      It’s not the liberals who are in favor of a privatized prison system where every LIVING inmate has a dollar value attached to their head. It’s your right-wing, capitalist conservatives who put money above everything else, including your own pathetic existence. This killer is worth more alive for the rest of his life than dead and that’s all the people YOU vote for care about.

      Suck on that truth pipe for a while, Mikey, and next time think before you cast a ballot.

  • Huggy

    The jurors were probably from Frackville. Those idiots can’t do anything that doesn’t end in stupidity.

  • Gutless Jurors

    Talk about gutless jurors! No defense and they still can’t vote for death. The guy was never getting out before he did this. What’s the big deal now? Now he’s a respected inmate in the prison system.
    Strong work jurors, sleep well.

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