Dehydrated Bear Cub Rescued From Busy Roadway in the Poconos

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MARSHALLS CREEK -- John Gilroy says it was shocking.

He was driving along Route 209 in the Marshalls Creek area Monday when he spotted three state troopers and what he thought was a small dog near the side of the roadway.

It turns out that dog was actually a bear cub.

"The police officer, when we talked, it seemed like he got separated from the mother bear somehow, maybe through traffic. He was walking along, staggering a lot like he was dehydrated,” said John Gilroy of Reeders, who owns Gilroy Northeast, Inc.

Troopers put a leash on the cub and walked it to some nearby grass where Gilroy says the animal collapsed.

"I had some waters in my truck, took the waters back. I squeezed some water onto some wet towels, put some wet towels on his head."

The cub was taken to Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center where it is being cared for. The center's director says the cub is about 6 months old and weighs between 16 and 17 pounds.

"Sometimes you just forget about the wildlife. We live amongst this wildlife and it's just, it's kind of yeah, it stops your day,” said Gilroy.

Gilroy said he's already called the wildlife center to check on the bear's condition, and when he found out that center operates solely on donations, he decided to make a donation himself specifically for the care of that cub.

"We want to send them a donation to make sure the bear is going to be healthy and whatever we can do to keep him along."


  • Katelyn

    A heartfelt thank you to Mr. Gilroy who reached out to help this little cub. Best wishes for you both!

  • Jake Smule

    What a great heart warming story, now some Neanderthal hunter can blow its head off if it is released in the woods.

    • Diddly doo

      And in another story a teen minding his own business trying to sleep under the stars get his head chewed on and dragged by a full grown black bear… Zero sympathy…

      • Amy

        You have no sympathy because its an animal doing animal things? You do realize just because we are considered the intelligent species that we aren’t the top of the food chain right? I mean, you really can’t be this dense…

      • Diddly doo

        Agreed animals doing animal things. Including expire, and we as humans interfered with natures course. This story would never reach media if the cub was expired along the road. Why write a story about one that’s never going to be with its mother again and probably be in someones trash when it grows up?

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