Man Charged with Raping 7-Year-Old Boy

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DELAWARE TOWNSHIP — A man from York is locked up in Pike County, accused of raping a 7-year-old boy.

State police say Michael Paul Kin, 29, of York, sexually assaulted the child in May.

He is charged with rape of a child, statutory sexual assault, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child, sexual assault, indecent assault, intimidation, and retaliation or obstruction in child abuse cases.

Kin is locked up in the Pike County jail.


  • Marvin

    If there is definite proof, a public hanging would be appropriate. But this country has gotten soft on crime so people do whatever they want.

  • Dave

    problem is they never go to jail long. It’s catch and release because that is were the money is

  • El Ma

    Not one day goes by without at least a couple of reports of child sexual abuse, let alone non-sexual abuse.

    I have always been on the fence about the death penalty – I wouldn’t want to be responsible for the taking of another human life, but it seems that the only way to curtail this epidemic is to winnow out the deviants. These people cannot EVER be rehabilitated, “cured,” or “manage” their urges – they can’t. It’s that simple. There’s no personal epiphany, no pill, no therapy, no shock treatment, and no lightning bolt from Heaven that is going to cause a dyed-in-the-wool pedophile to stop harming children. So, perhaps, it’s time to just start taking them out of society, filling in that end of the gene pool, and being proactive about what happens to these kids – they don’t have a voice, an advocate, or any real protection against these vile monsters.

    • TRKRGR

      No need to take a life, just take away what they do the harm with……………one slice at a time.

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