Funeral for Overdose Victim Whose Obituary Poem Went Viral

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SELINSGROVE -- At Delaney Farrell's funeral there were photos everywhere, but her beauty hid a painful truth: a battle with heroin that took her life July 1.

Friends and family packed a funeral home in Selinsgrove Saturday to say farewell.

"It's really hard. These kids don't deserve to die. Delaney was 23," said friend Christianna Morgan.

That deadly dance with drugs may have ended Delaney's life, but not her story.

Her face has now been seen by people around the nation, thanks to a brutally frank obituary that went viral and continues to make headlines, featuring her own words about her struggle.

"I think she would love it. If it helps one person, I think she would be proud," her brother Dillon Farrell said.

Friends and family say addiction couldn't hide Delaney's love of writing and her faith.

"Her soul was beautiful, and she knew how she felt. She wrote it all on paper," Morgan said.

Abbi Orrico and Jennifer Stack lived with Delaney at a halfway house in Williamsport. They say Delaney is their hero and believe her story will save lives.

"She was very close to God. There was one side of her that was the addiction side and another side of her that was very close to God," said Orrico.

"I truly believe that some people have to die so that others can live, and I just hope that people pay attention," Stack said.

While there has been an epidemic of drug addiction around the country, recently, the situation in central Pennsylvania has been especially desperate. Delaney was one of more than 50 people who overdosed over just a few days. Three of them died.


  • MMMM

    They only think of themselves when liviing this lifestyle! NO sympathy from me! It was her choice to do what she did. No one held a gun to her head and forced her. Sick of these druggies being saved on the taxpayers dime. And the taxpayers are suppose to help people like this and the welfarians. Get a dman job and make a decent living and quit expecting you’re entitled!

  • Heartbreaking

    This is about what this poor girl was going through not how she looked. Her poem went viral to try to help others and to say all kinds of insensitive, rude and ignorant things is simply uncalled for. This girl obviously had parents who loved her and tried what they could to help her. So to all the negative comments try to have a little compassion for these grieving parents.

    • El Ma

      Why is everyone calling this woman a “girl?” She was a legal adult and made choices.

      I have to wonder if this individual had been 32 with no front teeth, and no FaceTube selfies, would anything that she wrote “go viral?” Ridiculous. What’s going to happen is that other young people are going to say, “So brave, so tragic,” and they’ll emulate the lifestyle of the “brave and tragic” because they, themselves, lack guidance and direction.

      Yes, some of the comments are mean. Some of them are inappropriate. These are people’s opinions and views, and it is my understanding that people are allowed to think and feel anything that they wish until such time as Though Police are created. Bottom line, here, is that this woman (not “girl”) made a lethal decision. I pity her family and loved ones that suffered before, and after, her passing. I have absolute compassion for them.

  • Jane

    Did not strike U as the age of a child?? Really ? These ” kids ” get sucked in a a very young age. Are they stupid ? Are they followers ? Maybe .. But like I said , you better pray on your lucky stars that it never entices one of your own.. Stop judging and be absolutely heartless.

  • a poet and I know it

    Alcoholism is a larger epidemic than that of heroin. I’m an alcoholic and my liver is probably coated with cirrhosis by now. Good chance I might die tonight. After I polish off this 30 pack of Yuengling I’m going to write a poem to the world and describe what it’s like to be a worthless, drunk, street roamer from Frackville. To Channel 16: If I die tonight please make my death your top story tomorrow morning. Thankyou.

  • r

    how the f can these people say “another dead junkie”?! …she was a human being with family and friends…obvioisly pain and suffering. heroin doesn’t discriminate. she did a bad thing. she probably wasn’t a bad person. I feel bad for all the close minded idiots making negative comments. no wonder addiction is such an epidemic in this area, everyone wants to sweep it under the rug. would you say “good, another dead cancer patient”?! think before you voice your opinion. this is heartbreaking.

  • Ella

    For those of you that are saying cruel things, shame on you! The obituary going viral wasn’t based on the fact that she was pretty, it was because she wrote what she actually was going through while being an addict, the kind of life that dhe was living. Clearly by doing this it is going to save some lives. Quit your trash talk and get a life! You are busy making ungrateful comments, you never know this deadly drug may be darkening someone in your family’s doorstep. I pray that I am wrong. My condolences go out to The Farrell family On the loss of Delaney and my sincere Thanks for opening people’s eyes to this dangerous epidemic! May God Bless You.

    • Blame the junkie

      Ponder this. She started using heroin with open eyes. Who in this day and age don’t realize that this is a highly addictive drug. C’mon we all had this taught to us in school. It is in the media. Im sure her family tried to get her help. But the person to blame is the junkie. She knew what the score was she chose to continue. It is sad that a life has to end like that but she did it to herself.

  • ponder this!

    The only people I feel bad for here is the true victims who couldn’t recieve a quick response from emergency responders, paramedics, etc. because they were screwing with this knuckleheaded junkie.

  • Jane

    All I can say to the nasty comments is pray it doesn’t darken on your door step with your children . It is a vicious world out there , and these dealers do not care who they trap in their web.. They will prey on anyone for money , this is their career , they are partial to no one . All it takes is getting in with the wrong crowd .. You may think your child is in the right crowd until it is to late .. Remember they want to fit in , and sometimes end up trusting the wrong people. The experience is the most gut wrenching feeling one can experience .. You try relentlessly to search for help , but most of the time the addiction wins , as we read on a daily basis .. Please stop judging and start praying they find a way to help the afflicted . Much love and prayers to all these families fighting for thier Childs life..😔

  • KristieLynn

    As I read through these comments, I’m extremely disgusted by what everyone is saying. It’s not viral due to her being pretty or cuz she was “young & fun”! It went viral due to her obituary having the cold hard truth about her addition! I can damn near bet all my money that the ones commenting on here with the rude & arrogant comments must be upper class & don’t know anyone who is/was going through addition to understand why this is viral! Do none of you think that what your writing is being seen by this woman’s family or are you just that ignorant to not care? How about yall do your research about addiction before you open your mouth!!!!!! I’ve lost a lot of friends to addition. I didn’t understand it either but after actually seeing someone go through what they did, I know how hard it is to just walk away! People need to stop judging so much and TRY TO HELP!!!!!

    • El Ma

      Precisely how is someone expected to “help” an addict? I am a recovery addict, myself, and I accept full responsibility for each day that I do not return to my addiction. I will forever BE an addict, and nothing will ever change that fact.

      I feel compassion for this woman’s family and loved ones. They are the ones that had to wonder, worry, and get frantic when she was using BEFORE she entered rehab and the halfway house (which hardly EVER prove helpful). They are now the ones who will beat themselves up because of HER choices unless they get their own counseling therapy.

      There is much, much more to addiction that what happens to the addict, I assure you. The people that love and care about the addict suffer just as much, if not more, because the addict is oblivious of the suffering that they’re causing themselves, and (particularly) their loved ones.

      So, back to the point: what, exactly, should someone DO the “help?”

      • KristieLynn

        I locked one of my friends in my house for a little over a month to become a recovering addict! He didn’t leave the house unless it was with me! I knew what he was doing 24/7 for the time he was with me! Not he is NO LONGER using, has gotten his shit together and has his own place, a fiancé, and a child that’ll be turning 2 this year! So yes there are ways to help an addict! To me rehab centers and “halfways” houses are nothing but a joke cuz they can’t connect with the addicts 1 on 1!

    • El Ma

      Kristen, that’s a pretty abusive intervention and it’s extraordinarily arrogant to take credit for someone else’s………..sobriety. Will you also be taking credit when he slips and starts using, again? Once an addict, forever and addict, and that’s just the way of it. You (and, I ) don’t have to “like” that fact, but it’s a fact, nonetheless.

      • El Ma

        KrisTIE, you have a lot of growing up to do, little girl. Do you actually say, “sh*t,” every other word in real life? Nice. Do you also cat fight and take endless selfies to post to FaceTube?

        No……the addict is responsible for managing their own addiction, KrisTIE, and an addict is never, ever, EVER “cured.” If you had an ounce of grey matter between those ears, you’d know the truth of addictions and that taking credit for someone else’s getting clean is uber arrogant, and foolish. Getting clean doesn’t happen in halfway houses, OR rehab. Getting clean happens within the addict’s mind, body, and spirit. It might benefit you to shut up, listen, and learn, sometime. Go to an Alanon meeting, or an AA meeting, or a Narconon meeting. Sit still, keep your mouth shut, and just listen and learn.

        The subject of this article made choices. So does your friend. If you believe that you facilitated his getting clean and that you, alone, saved him, then go on and save the world.

  • Denise Tranell

    I don’t like seeing some of these comments!! Please, unless you have ever been in her shoes, leave it alone!!

  • Bill K

    Oh she was hot so her death will lead the news. Just like “Give me a break” said. What about the 30-some other junkies who died from an OD the past few weeks? This chick was “young and fun” and incredibly hot so it’s gonna be headlines.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    I wonder how many bleeding hearts on here have actually been to a funeral for an overdose?l death?

    Oh buddy, it’s not like a normal viewing!

    Sure people are sad, but I tell you what, there’s always a giant elephant in the room when it’s an overdose.

  • give me a break!

    Oh here we go, lets make a big deal out of junkie because she was pretty. What about the homeless, non-attractive, girl with no family, that died last week trying to seek shelter in a sluce pipe? Where’s her “top story?” Where’s her national coverage? WHATEVER!

    • Givemeabreak

      The point of the story is to show you that it can happen to anyone. That no one’s family is immune to the damage drugs and addiction can do to it. The story is to get people to realize that it doesn’t just happen to the homeless girl with no family as some would think.
      No reason to get upset about it.

      • El Ma

        There are many people who suffer through the myriad facets of Life. They happen to everyone. People are born, people die, and people live quite and unassuming lives and are buried without fanfare or even mourners to note their passing.

        That this young woman was “young and fun” doesn’t make her passing any more important than the next person’s. If, by some unfathomable coincidence, people suddenly thing, “Hey, I don’t want to end up like her,” then her death won’t be a complete tragedy – something “good” will have come from it.

  • Marge Danley

    So very sad. I don’t know what possesses people to start, but they need to recognize they need help too. Sadly her help was not enough. These drugs are powerful and apparently pull you back to them.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    A Perfect Circle’s 13th Step album is pretty fitting here!

    Especially the songs Blue & The Noose!

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    My wife’s Great Aunt passed away a few months ago. She lived to be 93, I think it was.

    She lived a drama free life. Small viewing and funeral with friends and family, nice wake afterwards.

    No viral guff, no headline news.

    As it should be.

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