Teen Loses Wallet, Act of Kindness Teaches Him Life Lesson

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SPANISH FORK, Utah – When a 13-year-old boy lost his wallet at a nickel arcarde in Utah, he expected the worst and tried to move on.

His parents, however, decided to make a Facebook post asking for help finding the wallet and called the situation “an expensive life lesson.”

They said they didn’t expect a random act of kindness to flip that life lesson on its head.

The parents’ original Facebook post said the wallet had around $80, which their son saved moving lawns this summer.

It also had his fishing license.

According to the post, the boy had been saving all summer to go deep-sea fishing with his uncle.

Soon after the loss, the teen’s luck changed and he hit the jackpot.

The nickelcade contacted the family about an anonymous note with $120.

The note read:


Buy a new wallet, fishing licensing and have fun. I read what happened on Facebook, and had the same thing happen when I was younger.

Good luck.

PS. If your wallet was returned, pay it forward with this.

The boy’s mother posted the update on Facebook.

“I’m speechless and have tears streaming down my face… we live In an amazing community… this is truly a lesson we will never forget…we will pay it forward. Thank you, thank you whomever you are!!”


  • Gail

    I’m a mom and I have 2 sons who were once 13 years old. If they would have lost their wallet, I probably would have asked for help finding it. If I knew of someone who lost something, I would help. I also would return a wallet if I ever found one. That’s just the right thing to do. But what this kind stranger did for this young teen goes way beyond kindness and I hope the good Lord blesses them for it. We hear too much bad news and this is a breath of fresh air to hear good news! Thank you WNEP!

  • Life Lesson:

    If you are irresponsible and mess up, make up a sob story and cry about it online and eventually someone will be enough of a sucker to make it better… maybe even profit.
    He learned nothing. and who goes to an arcade with 80$, specially on a kid?

    • whatever831

      My 8 year old carries even more money on him at times. It’s his money. If he earns it, he decides to put it away or put it in his wallet. He gets little reminders, but he has to take responsibility of his property and money is one of them. He’s left tokens behind at the arcade, not paying attention. How else will they learn. As for the kindness of others, why is that so bad? You seem like a grinch. I assume the mother was only asking for the wallet to be returned, and someone decided to be kind. Please tell me what is wrong with that??

      • Lance

        Nothing wrong about getting the wallet returned. But did this kid learn something… yes and no. He was fortunate about the kindness of some people. But not everyone is so lucky

      • Julia

        Jealous because an eight year old has more money than you.


        Most likely a higher education too…

      • Are you for real?

        Julia not everyone is pleased that you finally reached puberty. Continue with you box of crayons and maybe your mommy will put it on the refrigerator

      • Daniel

        Never got past the third grade, huh?

        “Continue with you box”

        Can’t get crayons off your mind?

        Time for recess…

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