Farmers Market Season About to Sprout in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- Today signified the start of a new season in Scranton -- farmer's market season! The farmers were on the market grounds getting everything ready for opening day just around the corner next week.

After months of taking care of crops, farmers use this day to take care of some final details instead -- washing the winter off of the Co-Op Farmer's Market Grounds on Barring Avenue in Scranton.

"Plan for today is we're getting the market ready for opening next Friday, putting the awnings up, doing a little painting, cleaning, things like that, getting the concession stand ready," explained Gene Yatsonsky of Sugar Creek Maple Farm.

In exactly one week, the farmers will descend on the market and start to sell those crops -- and while the growing season may be unpredictable, they can always count on the market starting in mid-July.

"It was a pretty tough spring, cold and wet, but we got the job done," said Harry Hopkins of Hopkins Farm. "It made it a little more difficult but we got the job done and there's going to be plenty of vegetables come Friday, next Friday.

This year marks the 78th season for the Farmer's Market, and those who have been here for a long say 'while a lot has changed, a lot hasn't.'

"You know, when my dad started here there was no roof over it, they just improve a little bit every year," said Suzanne Drumsta of Newton Township.

Suzanne Drumsta has run the concession stand here for close to two decades, but her history with the Farmer's Market is a lot longer than that. Her father was one of its founders in the late 1930's -- now, she's tried to continue his vision of a co-op market for farmers.

"It has a lot of meaning, and that's why I try to help them even if they have a little, need a little extra money, I'll chip in, I try to do things to help the farmers as well. In memory of my dad and my brother," explains Drumsta.

The history continues next Friday beginning at noon.

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