Tyson to Add 100 Jobs to Schuylkill County

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CASS TOWNSHIP -- The Pottsville Tyson Foods Distribution Center will be adding 114 jobs soon.

The Pottsville facility in Cass Township was built in 2007. Back then, it was owned by Sara Lee.

The plant, in the High Ridge Business Park, is well known to people in nearby Minersville. Many of them are happy about the jobs being added.

"It feels pretty good that they're going to have some jobs," Georgine Moyer of Minersville said. "Let's face it, the area needs jobs."

The plant already has 100 jobs. This expansion would double the amount of people who work in the facility.

Schuylkill County Chamber of Commerce President Robert Carl said all of the companies inside the High Ridge Business Park have brought about 3,000 jobs to the county over the years.

"The whole goal is to have good strong jobs in our area so that people will come here, stay here and that we continue to expand a great quality of life through a successful workforce," Carl said.

To make space for the new jobs, the company will build an extension onto its building, adding an additional 164,000 square feet to its already 182,000 square foot building.

Construction on the project is expected to begin in the fall. Tyson Foods said they will spend about $60 million on the project.


  • Jim

    I’ve seen a lot of friends leave this world from this horrible drug some were father’s leaving 2 little girls some where star athletes destroying potential scholarships and some where warm hearted caring people I’ve seen the downfall of many I’ve watched myself go down the very path I’ve sworn to never trek it upsets me to watch all these you’ve lived be lost

  • Goff

    I’m surprised sedco didn’t try to get their name in the article. Is sedco still a thing or did that gordon mountain scam get exposed?

  • Schlitz

    The area is saved! These distribution centers have made schuylkill county a boom town once again. Thriving downtown main streets, nicely dressed people walking the streets, and good conversations at every high school sporting event. God blessed Schuylkill County when he put glorious distribution centers and landfills here!

  • Highenddistributioncenter

    These are the great jobs this area needs. When I retire from the distribution center at $14/hr i am going to be the cock of the row home block. Everyonegets a swig of my beer come friday night high school football! I’m going to go have a kid to relive my childhood through and coach kids playing sports like the fate of the world depends on it!


    how do you apply for these jobs? Any assistant football coaching jobs available in this area? Maybe Shenandoah? any row homes for sale in Minersville?


      You should be getting a flyer (application) on your front door this week. Fill it out, put it back on your door precisely were you found it and within a week you’ll you choking the chicken,.

  • Dave

    Fraken Meat… Chicken the size of what use to be Turkey..It’s tough and tasteless, brought on for our appetite for larger buffalo wings. Industrialized farming leave me feeling unsatisfied at the dinner table. Thanksgiving use to be a day I looked forward to. If your over 50 you know what I am talking about. Either that or I am loosing my taste buds as I get older.

  • Rjelq

    Love this area! good job sedco… Beautiful place, Tyson is expanding here possibly because people love facebook validation here. 10 an hour can get me a row home in mahanoy. Close to high school football, fire whistles and a cogen plant view.

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