Security Cameras Needed at Parks in Carbon County

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WEISSPORT -- Borough officials in one Carbon County community are planning to keep a more vigilant watch on two of their parks after vandals struck -- and that includes the installation of security cameras.

The playground here in Weissport near Lehighton may soon be under watch. This comes after vandals did hundreds of dollars worth of damage to park equipment. Now, borough officials are hoping to install some security cameras. The potential for extra security is being welcomed by people who live and work nearby.

"That's just a shame. I guess it's just something that happens," said Tiffany McCullion of Lehighton. "I think the camera will help to deter from it but it's just a shame things like that need to happen."

Borough officials say one piece of playground equipment cost them $400 to fix. Council Vice President Arland Moyer says the cameras would be an extra policing tool.

"They have been spending a lot of money up in the park for the last two years," said Moyer. "It's a shame that stuff keeps getting vandalized and broken. We can't afford to keep replacing it."

It's not just the playground where vandals are leaving their mark -- they are also doing it at the borough's main park too, specifically by tampering with the electrical units.

Just across from the borough park is Chantilly Goods, where owners have noticed some issues with the park and hope to see the extra security soon.

"I mean it's a beautiful park. A lot of people go and get ice cream here and sit in the park to enjoy it," said Chantilly Goods' owner Jay Frey. "I think it would be a good advance to the park and it will keep it nice and clean."

Borough officials say they are looking into a few options to get security cameras, either by applying for a grant or working with a privately run security company.