Scammer Shows Fake ID, Burglarizes Home

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TAYLOR -- Police in Lackawanna County are looking for two people who they say pulled off a burglary while pretending to be with the water company.

The homeowner thought they were legitimate because one of them had an ID.

Taylor Police said that when a robber posing as a water company employee knocked on the door of a 92-year-old woman living alone along Hospital Street, it was nothing random.

"I believe they're doing, as we would call it, surveillance. I believe they're watching the houses, watching the neighborhoods, seeing who is coming and going. It seems every time the police get these calls it's senior citizens that are being targeted," Taylor Police Chief Steve Derenick said.

Chief Derenick said the woman was aware of other similar scams, but let the man in because he had an ID. While the two of them were in the basement, a second burglar walked in and stole two strong boxes that had cash and valuables in them.

"Somebody like the water company, you figure that it's legal especially when they have ID and everything else," said Taylor resident Jean Turowski.

Turowski told Newswatch 16 she had the same litmus test as the victim in this latest burglary.  But now, she'll be even more cautious.

"It's terrible, it's not safe to have anybody come to your house and ask for you," Turowski added.

Police said utility workers rarely come by without calling first, and if they do, you can always call an officer to check it out before opening your door.

They're asking folks in Taylor to look out for any suspicious looking people or vehicles.

"I have grandchildren and they are always with their bikes riding around the neighborhood, it's just close, too close to where I live," added neighbor Barbara Walters.

Taylor Police ask anyone with information about this new utility scam to give them a call.


  • What JERKS!

    It’s so sad that these people pick on elderly people like that. There needs to be stricter penalties for these people who do it. These elderly people live on a limited income and to have scammers do stuff to them is just plain ridiculous. Hey scammers GET A LIFE and a REAL job and leave the elderly alone!!!!!!

  • Alpa Chino

    Imagine if these losers just went to work like a normal, decent human.. I’d love to have them come to my house, I can guarantee the police will be called to remove their lifeless, useless corpses from my house..

  • joe

    These scum need to be put down like rabid dogs.
    After 1 or 2 get it, the rest will think twice before they try this again.

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