Police Ask for Public Assistance Locating Wanted Person in Northumberland County

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SUNBURY -- Police in one Northumberland County community are reaching out to the public for assistance in locating a person wanted for multiple felonies.

Police tells Newswatch 16 that Shaquan Unique Person, 21, of Sunbury currently has multiple felony warrants out for his arrest, pertaining to drug delivery.

Sunbury police have had multiple run-in's with Person as recently as Wednesday night, in which he was tased but managed to escape.

Police describe him as a thin black male, approximately 140 pounds and 5'10" tall. He is known to frequent the Sunbury and Selinsgrove area, but reportedly could be staying in nearby communities.

Sunbury police ask anyone with information on his whereabouts to contact them or dial 911.


  • Larry Stokes

    How about this, anytime one of these bottom dwellers of society get in trouble, has a warrant and etc. Government assistance ceases immediately. If these roaches can’t work for Christ sakes they can at least behave.

    • RicU.

      Mr. Larry,

      Your idea is logical. Problem: a warrant is not a conviction. You are not guilty until convicted in a court of law, or some reasonable facsimile. Any D.A. can get a warrant and even an indictment “on a ham sandwich.” (True quote by a D.A.in NYC.) I would like to also cut off their funding but you would cut off food and medical attention and possibly be committing murder on a not guilty individual or maybe their child.

      It stinks but I have had known false, revengeful and vacuous charges filed against people. Look at any 10 divorces and find about 10 such charges. (Bill Cosby??)

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Is he Amish? I can’t figure
    Out what the hell he is.

    din no they made em like dat!

  • Fredric

    Was this the guy who walked away from police while in cuffs?

    At any rate, if tazing has little effect, he is on his own product as it is blocking the effects of the voltage not the amps.

    I’m guessing a little Free Enterprise might get better results than begging for help. This guy is already is costing the area thousands a week by eluding police.

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