Two Left Homeless, Pet Cat Dead After Fire in Luzerne County

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PITTSTON -- Two people are left homeless and one pet has perished after flames tore through a double-block home Thursday afternoon in Pittston.

Crews were called to the home on Carroll Street around 1 p.m. Thursday.

According to reports, one side of the home was currently vacant, while the other housed a mother and a son.

Flames gutted the home, leaving one pet cat dead in the wake of the fire.

The fire chief tells Newswatch 16 that it appears careless smoking on the porch is what caused the fire in Luzerne County.


  • Peter

    The media sucks. Making the comment that it appears to be “careless smoking” is so judgmental! Not to mention just plain RUDE. Yeah, that’s compassionate – make the people feel even WORSE when there is so much loss and devastation here.

    Besides, whether a cigarette caused a fire or not – that could have been ANY smoker in ANY accidental situation. So it doesn’t necessarily mean the owner of the home was “careless”. That’s why they call them ACCIDENTS – incidents that happen by chance, not deliberately. Even CAREFUL people can cause a tragedy at times.

    I guess this means if the writer of this news ever had any kind of accident, they MUST be pretty careless, huh. Remember that, WNEP-16.

    • Reese

      My heart goes out to this family for all of their losses… Regardless of what started the fire it is a tragedy for them to say the least.. I have such a difficult time seeing people post such ignorant comments in regards to such a devastating news report; I guess it is easier to pass judgment than to show some degree of sympathy/empathy..

    • Kat

      I ask because right above the barcode on a pack of cigarettes it says “fsc” meaning, fire safe cigarettes.

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