Is a Proposed Marijuana Dispensary in Central PA Out of a Home?

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WILLIAMSPORT -- The location of a business that plans to sell medical marijuana in Lycoming County is in question.

A company awarded a dispensary permit learned Thursday that the place they had planned to set up shop has been sold to someone else.

Keystone Center for Integrated Wellness calls the development heartbreaking.

A spokeswoman says that her company spent countless hours and tens of thousands of dollars on its winning application for a medical marijuana dispensary in Williamsport -- only to find that their hopes were sold right out from under them.

The building on West Fourth Street's fate now is in limbo -- will it be home to a company awarded a marijuana dispensary permit or a new hair salon?

Keystone Center for Integrated Wellness hoped to have the building ready to sell marijuana in pill, gel, cream and oil forms by next year. In March, the company based in Carlisle signed a lease agreement with George Hutchinson, the realtor who owned the building.

Meanwhile, a couple from Williamsport says it bought the former Cross-Fit studio from Hutchinson this past Friday. They say they had no idea about Keystone's lease.

When Newswatch 16 went down to Hutchinson's real estate office in Williamsport, an associate sent us to the firm's lawyer downtown. We got as far as the front door of the Mathers Law Firm, but Attorney Daniel Mathers would not give us an on camera interview.

Newswatch 16 did, however, obtain a letter from Mathers to Keystone Center for Integrated Wellness. The letter claims Hutchinson could be in trouble if he rented a building to a medical marijuana dispensary. It reads...

"...under the current regulatory scheme...all of his commercial loans could be called in and the lenders could no longer do business with my client. Due to these implications, my client has exercised the right to terminate the lease."

The letter was dated for Wednesday, July 5th, which was five days after the property was sold -- and six days after the state awarded Keystone a medical marijuana dispensary permit.

A spokeswoman for Keystone says it is considering taking Hutchinson to court over the matter.

Keystone could also transfer its dispensary permit to another location within Lycoming County, but the process of finding a location, getting it approved by the state, and meeting the deadline of being ready to open by the end of the year is a tall order.

The couple who believes they now own the building says they are moving forward with their plans to open a hair salon, but are also preparing for a potential court case.



    Governor Wolf is really messing this whole thing up, he shouldn’t have let the legislature and unions dictate the winners of these licenses. They screwed up with the cartel in Scranton getting a grower license and now this mess. Now that Keystone lost the only location on their application, does their application get re-scored, since the score was attached to that location? Governor Wolf needs to start answering these questions or all of the public will turn against this corrupt process!

  • Sick of All the Lies #MPaGA

    Keystone applied everywhere so they must just be using their political connections to get a license, who is their sponsor in Harrisburg? They claimed whatever they needed on their application to get a license, truth be dammed! Why didn’t they just buy the building outright if they care about providing Health and Wellness to the community? Their lease doesn’t take effect until December 2017, this property owner was smart to sell to a buyer rather than sit on a non revenue generating property. How much was Keystone paying a month to have the property held for them?

  • Only the Facts

    the State is a joke if they think this is a good location, Us locals know this location is on the way to the middle school and high school, so every student will travel past this location twice a day to get to and from school. Lets get real the state screwed this whole thing up. A simple drive to this location will expose its terrible location for a pot dispensary. Hey at least all the teachers and parents (eventually students) will be able to pick up their pot on the way to school.

  • RicU.

    PA rushed to get this into service but could not allow inhaled forms as that would deprive them of millions annually in fines and resale let alone what the confiscated product was used for. Guess what, All this is going to a mess as the power structure wasn’t watching Colorado and others who are cashing in with 3% unemployment, cash in banks, education and state debt paid down.

  • magicmikexxsm

    Seems like since Pa passed the med weed bill nothing but problems so far….1st you had that company from Minn. who where arrested and brought up on charges for running drugs, and now this……..
    Notice you don’t hear anything about the 2 brought up on charges, they should lose their permits in Pa, and they should go to another company……….how about it law makers…

  • Clinton

    I would think one would secure a permanent location before spending thousands on a marijuana license or were they all stoned and high?

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