Heating Pools with the Sun

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- If you're looking for a way to extend your pool season and save some money along the way, solar covers may be a good solution.

It's what many people are buying this summer at Pocono Pool and Spa near Stroudsburg.

"You have to take care of your environment. The gas is not the best thing in my opinion for my house and it can be dangerous. That's why I like the solar cover it helps me save money, protects my family and the environment around me, it's good," said Ronny Lazo, Henryville.

Managers a the store say they have several different solar options for people to choose from to heat their pools.

Everything from the traditional covers, to these panels, even a solar pill. The pill keeps your pool warm by spreading a layer of biodegradable film.

All eco-friendly options.

"The solar covers keep your heat in from escaping. You get your pool nice and hot during the day and you lose it at night, so keep the cover on at night when you're not using your pool. We also have these solar panels here, they can heat up the temperatures about 10 degrees hotter," said Vicki Cooke, Pocono Pool and Spa.

Workers here at Pocono Pool and Spa tell us a lot of people have been coming in to buy solar power equipment for their pools. Reason being, it seems to work and it saves them some money.

"Well for starters, you don't have to run up your electric. You already have to run it for a filter anyway, so this is a good option," said Sue Henry, Stroudsburg.

Managers at Pocono Pool and Spa tell Newswatch 16, there are some other benefits to solar heating equipment.

Including minimizing the amount of replacement water and keeping debris out of the pool.

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